800,000 Killer Bees Kill Arizona Man


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An angry swarm of 800,000 Africanized bees kill a yard worker, and put another in critical condition, during an attack in Arizona. The hostile colony of killer bees, in the attic of a home, is said to be three feet wide and eight feet long.

The killer bee attack took place in Douglas, Arizona, which is located in the southern part of the Grand Canyon state. The man who is now dead, and his partner who is left in critical condition, somehow disturbed the nest, leading to the bees becoming aggressive.

A call to 911 has been made, and the Douglas Fire Department responded to the emergency, involving the swarm of bees. Arriving to the scene, the firemen see a man lying on the ground dead, and another also collapsed in a state of respiratory arrest.

The man who lives has over 100 stings. Two other men, who were working with the crew, are also being treated for the bee stings. The names of the victims are not given at this time, but it is a group of four men working for Douglas ARC, a business that finds people with developmental disabilities jobs.

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The Douglas Fire Department’s Fire Captain, Ray Luzania, has called a professional exterminator to handle the killer bee problem. The exterminator finds the large hive and says that the nest is at least 10 years old, and contains about 800,000 bees.

The homeowner, a 90 year old male, has been rushed out of his house, and is now residing at his daughter’s place. He is unaware that there was such a massive hive in his attic.

Luzania claims that the lawnmower, or the edge trimmer that the landscapers used, may have set the bees off into a frenzy, leading to the death of a man, and the critical injuries of the other man. Nature, and a swarm of 800,00 killer bees, is a scary thing.

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