8 Ways to Stay Connected During the LA Marathon


The Los Angeles Marathon is this Sunday, March 17, 2013. Thanks to social media, there are a variety of apps runners can use to keep their friends and family posted on their progress.

1. The Marathon Tracking Chip

“The marathon has a tracking chip which you can connect to Facebook and your wall would be updated with the major milestones: 5k, 10k, half, 30k, etc.,” explains previous marathon runner Tricia Barreiro. “What would be cool is if the chip tracker technology can do the checking in for you, like when you run by the Disney Concert Hall or Rodeo Drive, and post it to your social feeds automatically.”

The tracking chip is just the tip of the iceberg. While the marathon tracking-chip technology is not all-encompassing, there are many other social media options already available.

As a spectator, part of the fun of the marathon is supporting your friends. If you are in the Los Angeles area – along the route or waiting at the starting finish line – you can use these apps to find your friends who are running and give them high fives and hugs. And, if you are remote, you can get caught up in the excitement through their social sharing, and cheer them on via texts, posts, comments, and more.

Here are some more of the tools runners are using – and sites fans and friends can check – during the LA Marathon.

2. Instagram, 3. Twitter, and 4. Find My Friends: “While I usually don’t even have my phone while I run, I am actually planning to take it this year to take photos, and use Instagram and Twitter,” explains Traci Coulter. This is her first LA Marathon; she has done the New York Marathon twice.

“My friends and I are also using Find My Friends, as well as the marathon tracker they provide. We use it a lot during races so we can find people at the finish – and a bunch of my friends plan to use it to track me because it gives you my location in real time unlike the tracker for the marathon that only sends the splits.

“I feel like using photos and tweets will make the day fun (and hopefully) easier,” she adds.

5. Foursquare: “I’ll be running and Foursquaring along the way!” says Ross Prout. This is his sixth marathon and second time running the LA Marathon. “It’s the best app for landmarking on the go and can include some pics too. When I ran it a few years back, Foursquare gave me the “Overshare Badge.”

“Admittedly the checkins are flybys,” Prout continues, “but the platform allows more user-control of where and when to check in, the ability to cross platform on FB/Twitter with pictures, and gives the follower an identifiable landmark in the progress of the course.”

6. Facebook, 7. Endomondo and 8. Support Your Marathoner:  “I’m using Facebook to track and post my progress throughout the course,” says Robin Warfel, who is running her first full marathon on Sunday. She is also using Endomondo. “It’s a running app you can connect to various social networking sites to post updates.

“I’m mixing that up with Support Your Marathoner, which is another cool app which allows friends to write motivational messages which will be displayed along the course.”

Best of luck to all of this year’s runners!

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