My all time favourite nutrition and beauty secrets are the simple, back to basics tips that we can do easily and consistently, especially when you consider that it’s the things we do consistently that create our body, not what we do every once in a while! 

Occasional consumption of chips (organic oven chips at Villa 23, mind you) does not a heavy weight make (at least I’m hoping not)! Conversely, monthly salad eating will not make one’s body resemble Elle McPherson either. Our body is a product of what we think, feel, eat and do consistently, nothing more and nothing less.

In our desperation to get the body of our dreams which, basically translates to looking as youthful and as slim as possible, we do tend to over complicate our approach to all things weight, beauty and nutrition. We forget that even though our body is highly complex and super intelligent, it is of nature, and like everything else in the natural world there is rhyme, reason and a pattern that is actually very simple.

There is beauty in simplicity and often the most powerful things that we can do for our health are those things that are so blindingly obvious that we just can’t believe that it could be that simple.

We overlook the basics in favour of the complex. Instead of just practising chewing our food well to ease digestion and lighten our stomach, we micro analyse and manage every single mouthful of our food…is it paleo, is it vegan, yes?  Oh, but is it raw?  And if it’s after 4pm then you can’t do raw!

Now, you know I like a few guidelines around eating times and what kinds of foods to eat when, but this is the cherry on the cake kind-of stuff which really will not help your body unless you are getting the basics right. And, the truth is, get the basics down and you will not have to put half as much effort into getting the body you really want. There are too many of us agonising over wheat-free, gluten-free and dairy-free, and not drinking enough water!

Are you with me? So, here are my favourite 8 BeUtiful basics to BeUtify your body, get these going consistently and you will find your body begins to co-operate and feel amazing in the process.

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