8 Reasons You Need a Digital Content Inventory STAT


In addition to creating the inventory, you must build management of it into your ongoing digital engagement efforts, including assigning roles and responsibilities and creating related procedures. If you’re going to invest in creating an inventory you need to properly manage it so you don’t waste those initial efforts. Digital content management has to become a habit, fully integrated into ongoing operations.

Did I mention that we have a completely separate inventory just for our Pinterest content (you can learn more about it here)? Or that we’re still managing content from our old blog post in another inventory that we’ll have to maintain until we complete all the transfers? I said it was a pain in the neck, didn’t I?

I know this all sounds crazy compulsive and anal retentive. Is it really necessary? And are there any shortcuts? I ask mysellf both those questions regularly. And based on my experience and research, the answers are Yes to the first question and No to the second. Sorry! If your organization is serious about content marketing, it needs to take digital content management seriously. And oddly enough, no one has created a sophisticated digital content inventory management tool yet (please correct me if I’m wrong). Even for website content management, Excel spreadsheets still appear to be the normative standard. I sense an opportunity for an enterprising entrepreneur…

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