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Whether you’re a Facebook pro or just getting a Page up and running for your business or personal brand, Facebook offers marketing opportunities for users of all levels. In this post, I’m taking a look at eight tips and tricks that will help you harness (some) of the power of Facebook.

The tips go in order from just-getting-started to more advanced. Put ‘em into practice, and you’ll be a more effective admin for your own business or for one whose Facebook accounts you manage. Ready? Here we go.

Claim your Page’s Vanity URL

Once you’ve created a Facebook page for your business, make it easier for customers and potential customers to find by changing the auto-generated URL to one that’s recognizable. If your business happens to have a common name, i.e., Evergreen Carpet Cleaning or Italiano Pizza, you might have to get creative, using a number or the name of your city in the name, e.g, Evergreen Carpet Cleaning Chicago or Italiano Pizza Boston. You can check username availability here. Remember that you can only change your username once so be sure to think this through.

Make the most of your cover photo real estate and change it often

Your Facebook cover photo is the first thing people see when they come to your Page, so use it to make a statement about your business or brand. In recent years, Facebook has relaxed the rules about what can appear on a Page’s cover photo: you can now put text on the image, direct fans to a campaign and even showcase a new resource or a new product. Change your photo or other image often as this action appears in news feeds. This free template will help you make sure you’re using photos that are the proper dimension.

Pin a new Post to the top of your Timeline

Facebook allows admins to “Pin” an important post to the top of a Page’s Timeline. If you have a post that you don’t want to be buried by your stream of updates, use the Pin or Highlight options to keep it in plain view. Pins automatically expire after a week; motivation to change your Pinned posts every week.

Auto-publish content from your blog

If you’re a small business owner, or a social media manager who wears lots of hats, you might appreciate a shortcut here and there. To automatically post links on Facebook (or another social channel) to your latest blog posts, you can use a tool like If This Then That (IFTTT) which allows you to create various social media “recipes,” i.e. triggers that occur when a specific social media actions happen. In this case, you’d use IFTTT to “tell” your blog to automatically post a link to a new blog post to your Facebook Page. There’s also a “Facebook Auto Publish” WordPress plugin that will let you do the same thing.

When using a public computer or wifi network, make your account more secure by using Facebook’s one-time password

If you travel for work and sometimes have to log in to Facebook on a public computer, or must use an unknown wifi network, use Facebook’s one-time password function. Here’s how: In the. U.S., send a text message to 32665 with the message “otp” (leave out the quotes, however). If your mobile number is linked to your Facebook account, Facebook will replay with an 8-character temporary password. Enter the code in the password section of the Facebook Page you want to log in to. Learn more about the one-time password option, including the number to text from countries outside the U.S.

Prioritize what appears in your News Feed

You do have some control over what appears in your News Feed! It’s true. You can choose to see “Top Stories” or “Most Recent” stories by selecting from the down arrow next to “News Feed” on the top left your timeline. You can even ask your fans and followers to change this setting, so they catch a few more of your most recent posts.

Save posts to view and read later

Did you know you can bookmark things that catch your eye on Facebook to read later? If you see something that looks intriguing but you don’t have the time to dig into it now, just click the little down arrow that appears on the right-hand side of the post. From the drop-down menu, click Save. To view what you’ve saved, go to the left-hand column of your homepage. Click the blue ribbon Saved icon and any posts you’ve saved will be visible.

Host Facebook campaigns

Facebook remains a powerful marketing tool and it’s made even more so with the use of campaigns such as giveaways and contests. If you’re not using action-gated campaigns to collect leads from your Facebook fans you are missing out on valuable marketing opportunities. Action-gating, by the way, is a fairly simple concept. When you action-gate a campaign, you require your followers to take some sort of action — e.g., vote, share, comment, fill out a form, etc. — in exchange for something valuable from your brand, e.g., access to a promotion or extra entries to a contest. You end up with email address or other ways to market to your fans after your Facebook campaign has ended.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks my team uses for ShortStack’s company page.  If you have any other noteworthy Facebook tips for Page admins, please share them in the comment section below!

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