78% of Couples Would Prefer a Romantic Text Over a Mushy Post on Facebook or Twitter [Infographic]


Is it polite to publicly declare your love for your partner on Facebook or Twitter? Maybe not, but according to the latest survey from dating site Zoosk, most people do it, anyway. This infographic shows how people feel about romance online, from their friends’ status updates to personal messages from their significant others.

Does it make you jealous to know that while your cat was coughing up a fur ball at your feet, your co-worker’s husband was waiting at home for her with a bottle of wine after a long day at the office? No one knows why people feel the need to broadcast the day-to-day realities of married life on social media sites, but for me, at least, the romantic photos and updates are an affirmation that love is real. Only 51 percent of women and 37 percent of men agreed with me on that one.

When it comes to my own life, I keep it to myself. I may put up a few pictures from a road trip or an over-the-top Brooklyn dinner with my husband to show friends what we’re up to, but most of our personal conversations happen over email or text message. Or, you know, in person. It’s just easier that way. According to Zoosk, 81 percent of couples use technology to interact with each other and 78 percent would rather get a text from their partner than a mushy Facebook post or Tweet. But 60 percent of them also admit to using social media to broadcast their feelings for their partners or to share photos and videos of each other with family and friends.

One thing that stopped people from over-sharing is the fear of revealing too much information in front of their colleagues. According to the survey, 60 percent of Americans think twice before posting something romantic on their pages in case a co-worker sees it and 38 percent don’t post anything romantic at all for that very reason. But 64 percent of respondents said they might post more updates if they weren’t friends with their co-workers on Facebook. (It sounds like these people’s co-workers aren’t really their friends.)

See the stats visualized in the infographic below.


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