7 Ways To Be More Productive On Social Media


be more productive

be more productive

If you’re reading this, you’ve bought into the concept that social media is important for your business.  I spend a lot of time talking to small businesses around the country, and it often surprises me how many people still feel daunted by social media marketing and engagement.  So, here are 7 ways to be more productive on social!


1. Use the right social channel

Although it’s great to maintain a presence on all the major networks, they may not all be the perfect fit for your business. After all, you want to be reaching your target audience. Try putting a little content on each network and see what engagement you get. Don’t forget newer networks like Pinterest and Instagram, especially if you have a very visual business.

2.  Cut out the distractions

I’ve said this before, but it’s worth mentioning again: turn off your social notifications.  At the very least, turn the sound effect off.  Your social media engagement is important, but you are a busy person, and that tweet may not need to be dealt with while you are trying to write your monthly newsletter, or while you’re speaking to a customer. Budget your time and allocate blocks in your day to address your social media. You will be able to deliver more thoughtful responses and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

3.  Use the right dashboard

The social sphere is noisy, so you need to organize yourself, prioritize and ultimately engage with in the most targeted of conversations.  MarketMeSuite can certainly help you do that.  By time blocking to only focus on social conversations and having the right dashboard to serve up the important stuff, you can easily do social media in less than 25 minutes a day.

4.  Leverage the “share”

Content is often hard to find, but one of the great things about social is that people are sharing things all around you, and it’s very easy to grab content, and make a friend at the same time.  Think about it, you’d be pretty psyched if you saw that someone was sharing your posts or retweeting a tweet, so don’t ever be afraid to use someone’s content to share with your own audience. They will be notified you did, and you stand a good chance of them returning the favor by sharing your content.

5. Know when to move it off social

There are some things that require going “offline” or moving to email. Social is a fantastic place to find these opportunities and start communication, but knowing when to give someone your phone number or direct email is very important. In fact, grabbing an email address is great when you can, so you can include the person in your newsletters and other less ‘social’ forms of communication.

6. Use the power of many

Encouraging your employees and team members to post on social helps make your job easier and establishes a much richer social media presence.  Behind the scenes pictures of people at the office are great for Instagram and Twitter, and are a fun way to get your audience to engage with your company on a more personal level. Be sure to be consistent if you use hashtags so people can start associating it with you and your company.

7. Take a deep breath

Sounds obvious, but so many people get instantly overwhelmed with the constant buzzing of the social world. Yes, it’s real time, yes it’s a huge opportunity, but at the end of the day, you know your business better than anyone. You are an authority on your industry.  Organize yourself, find the best site for you, take a deep breath, and engage!

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Tammy Kahn Fennell

This monthly Social Media Apps column is contributed by Tammy Kahn Fennell. Tammy is CEO and co-founder of MarketMeSuite, the leading social media management dashboard for small- and mid-sized businesses. Tammy launched the MarketMeSuite platform in late 2009 after years of experience marketing her own small business online. Recognizing both trends in social media and the needs of SMBs, Tammy realized an opportunity to help others easily manage & monitor their social media presence, find targeted leads, build engagement and measure the ROI of their social marketing activities. Today the easy-to-use, affordable platform has over 30,000 users. As the owner and editor of the community driven blog, WeAreSocialPeople.com, Tammy writes frequently on social media and small business topics and shares her knowledge and advice with thousands of SMBs via radio, Web seminars and live presentations. +Tammy Kahn Fennell

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