7 Tools To Boost The Productivity Of Your Social Media Campaign


The daily chores of running a business don’t leave you with any time to devote to multiple social media platforms. However, that doesn’t make the presence of your business at these platforms any less important.

All business owners and marketers rely on effective social media management tools that boost their productivity. Your goal as an entrepreneur is to be where the current and potential customers hang out, and find the best way to present your ideas and offers to that audience. These tools will help you achieve that:

  1. Swayy

The goal of creating your own content is very important, but incredibly time-consuming as well. You can add to the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaign if you share popular online content associated to your business. Swayy will help you locate the most popular posts from your niche.

When you start sharing attractive articles, infographics and videos with your audience, you will make them interested in your own content as well. The tool is free for one dashboard, but you can upgrade to Pro, Business, and Agencies plan to add more dashboards and team members, and receive real-time analytics that will help you make the campaign even more effective.

  1. NinjaEssays

If you want to strengthen your presence on social media platforms, you need to promote high-quality content. When you don’t have the time to write great articles and blog posts, this is the website you can turn to. All you need to do is place an order with all information about the content you want to receive, and the company will assign a writer with relevant knowledge, skills, and education. The process is based on collaboration, so you can ask for feedback and revisions until you are completely happy with the content you receive.

Paper writing service NinjaEssays is also a perfect destination when you need a professional to edit, format, and proofread your content.

  1. Twtrland

This simple tool enables you to build an influential presence on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It provides you with audience demographics, influence metrics, close network, and more. Through Twtrland, you can find influencers from your niche, and use them to promote your brand.

In addition, this is also an awesome tool to use when you need to hire more professionals in your company.

  1. Topsy

When you have an overbooked schedule, it’s difficult to take the time and start making sense of Twitter tweets. With the help of Topsy, you can search, monitor and analyze links, tweets, photos, videos, and influencers.

Enter a keyword associated to your business and you’ll find out what opinions Tweeter users have. In addition, you can use Topsy to make connections with influential bloggers from your niche.

  1. LikeAlyzer

This is one of the best tools for analyzing and monitoring Facebook pages. If you want to turn your Facebook presence into increased traffic to your blog or website, LikeAlyzer will help you do that. The tool helps you measure and analyze the effectiveness and potential of your social media campaign, and explore other opportunities on Facebook.

You can use LikeAlyzer to analyze the Facebook page of a competitor as well. When you compare that data to the info you get about your own page, you’ll get ideas how to make your presence on this platform more influential.

  1. Mention

This monitoring app enables you to get information about your online presence, analyze the info you get and react quickly to online publications that mention you business. If you’ve been relying on Google Alerts to get info about the mentions, you’ll find this tool much simpler and more effective.

Mention enables you to monitor, forums, images, blogs, news, Twitter, Facebook, or any web page.

  1. Rignite

No one has the time to monitor different social media accounts one by one. With Rignite, you can manage the engagement on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms at the same time. The tool also enables you to keep a close eye on influencers and competitors, as well as to post articles from your Feedly streams to your social media profiles from one place.

Who said that managing an effective social media campaign would have to take a huge part of your day? With the tools listed above, you will make the presence of your business on social media more influential with much less effort.

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