7 Noteworthy Sessions From Social Media Week You May Have Missed


As Social Media Week comes to a close in 11 cities, more than 1,000 events with speakers from leading brands, businesses, startups, and organizations came together all at once. Even those outside of the 11 cities could participate in Social Media Week through Livestream events, our mobile app, and online conversations.

Below are seven incredible sessions that should not be missed. From content strategy and brand marketing, to digital personal assistants and the future of television, these panels and keynotes were among the best sessions of the conference. For more Livestreamed sessions, check out the global schedule, and filter by “Livestream” in event type.  Without further adieu…

Opening Keynote: Call It Disruption. Call It Revolution. Call It Chaos
In the opening keynote for Social Media Week Sydney, Gavin Heaton (Founder, Disruptor’s Handbook), will discuss some of the key issues we face with social media, both good and bad, as well as looking to the future for the next big thing. In this session, Gavin shares his compelling point of view on the convergence of mobile and social and a first hand account of how Australia has been transformed by the social and digital revolution.

Content, Community, & Commerce: A Discussion with the Co-founder of Thrillist Media Group
In 2005, Adam Rich sent the first Thrillist email newsletter to 600 friends. In its first year, Thrillist attracted 30,000 subscribers, and by the end of 2008, had expanded into seven cities and became profitable, bringing in approximately $ 5 million in revenue. Hear from the Thrillist editor-in-chief, and Social Media Week Founder, Toby Daniels, as they weave together the worlds of content, commerce, and community, and how Thrillist Media has integrated these elements successfully to become a $ 100 million+ company today.


Igniting a Movement: The Real Story Behind the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
This fireside chat with Nancy Frates, mother of Pete Frates, the man behind the ALS ice bucket challenge, and Anthony Carbajal, an ALS patient who shared his message via a viral video, will discuss their journeys, the inspiration behind their work, and the power of social media to drive both awareness and action.

Creating Content For How It’s Consumed
BuzzFeed’s Chief Revenue Officer, Andy Wiedlin, as he examines the evolution of media and how new innovations in distribution technologies have changed how it’s consumed. From “LOLs” to CUTE cat videos that pull at your heartstrings, Andy will dive into the science behind creating shareable content for the social web.

Audience Is Power: How Influencers Are Changing Brand Marketing on YouTube and Beyond
Brands are spending millions of dollars on traditional advertising. However, with the emergence of YouTube, Vine and other social media platforms, those ad dollars are shifting. Some YouTubers are landing six figure, fully-integrated brand deals, and others are doing one off shout outs for brands. But what does a successful brand deal look like from both the brand AND the creator stand point?

Has Social Changed TV Forever?”
How has social ushered in a transformation of the broadcast industry? This session will dive into the players leading the way, with research findings into new audience behaviours and innovations from the perspective of broadcasters, producers and the social platforms themselves.

From HALO To Helper: Meet Microsoft’s Cortana, The Present And The Future’s Digital Assistant
Cortana is an intelligent, digital personal assistant on Windows Phone. Its name comes from Cortana, the artificial intelligence character featured in Microsoft’s very own Halo video game series, with Jen Taylor, the character’s voice actress, returning to voice the personal assistant’s US-specific version. Hear Microsoft’s Jonathan Foster, Managing Editor for Cortana, discuss how Cortana’s personality was developed from a fictional character into a digital reality.

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