7 Instagram Influencers’ Photo Ideas that Brands Can Use Too


Have you ever looked at a profile on Instagram and found yourself double-tapping every photo you saw? Brands can inspire you just the same.

Influential Instagrammers like Cubby Graham and his 600k+ followers, as well as those who aren’t superstars (yet), but delight the community with amazing pictures like Sara Brull, provide an infinite source of inspiration, even for brands.

So we listed a few photo ideas that systematically do well on Instagram, and that are applicable by brands. We also swooped in a few hashtag ideas, most of which were made famous by the Instagram blog itself!

Because these influencers built their own audience from the ground up, there are one or two things growing brands can learn from them. For a first lesson, you can read 8 ways to manage your Instagram business account like a top Instagrammer. But today, we want to go into the creative side, and get you inspired on great high-scoring content shared by influencers.

Being Neat | #thingsorganizedneatly

Alternative hashtags: #flatlay, #onmydesk

Showing from where they stand | #fromwhereIstand

Showing what they see | #fromwhattheysee

Zooming into the details

Adding fluff to the mix | #weeklyfluff

Using symmetry | #symmetrysundays

Zooming away from your subject

You can find more ideas on this Slideshare by digital creative agency Instrument.

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That’s our recommendations for now. What about yours: have you witnessed brands add a twist on Instagram traditions to spice up their account? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

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