7 Education Twitter Accounts that Offer Knowledge and Wisdom


Twitter is a fun way to stay connected with your friends and loved-ones. Luckily, you can use this great platform to get educated as well. Whether you are a teacher, parent or student, you can easily follow education experts and learn from their wisdom.

Since Twitter gives you a limited space only, you will get condensed messages with powerful information. Therefore, you can easily follow many experts, without worrying about reading a lot of words, and receive their updates on a daily basis.

You don’t have to find experts on Twitter now because I have compiled a list for you already. Here are a few experts you should certainly follow

Allison McDonald – @NoFlashCards

Allison McDonald has been teaching since 1993 and has more than a decade of experience. She has taught children in various capacities. She is an educator, writer and founder of No Time for Flash Cards. Along with being a teacher, she has served as a childcare center director as well. She frequently writes for her blog and shares quality tips to make education more fun. Allison writes preschool curriculum as well.

Allison McDonald

Deborah Stewart – @Teach_Preschool

With a Master’s degree in early childhood education and over 25 years of experience as an educator, Deborah is certainly an education expert who can provide valuable advice. She is an experienced teacher, curriculum writer and a music director. She provides consultation for staff training as well. Her blog, Teach Preschool, is a great resource for parents who want to know how to educate their young children in the best possible manner.

Deborah Stewart

Melissa Taylor – @ImaginationSoup

Melissa Taylor has a Master’s degree in education and is an experienced teacher, editor, writer and literacy coach. She loves children’s books and passionately promotes high-quality education. She has more than 1.4 million followers on Pinterest. Her blog, Imagination Soup, focuses on presenting education as fun and an engaging activity for kids.

Melissa Taylor

Larry Ferlazzo – @LarryFerlazzo

Larry Ferlazzo is an award-winning high school teacher who teaches English, Social Studies and International Baccalaureate. He has authored five books so far and they are all related to Education. He regularly writes for The New York Times and Education Week Teacher. He likes to write about education policy and his articles can be read on a regular basis in the Washington Post and the Huffington Post.

Larry Ferlazzo

Diane Ravitch – @DianeRavitch

Diane Ravitch has a Ph.D. is the history of American education. She works as a historian of education and Research Professional of Education at New York University. She has written numerous books on her favorite subject, i.e. education. If you want to stay up-to-date with education news, then you must follow her on Twitter.

Diane Ravitch

John Wood – @johnwoodRTR

John Wood is committed to helping students in the developing world by providing various education opportunities. John is the founder of Room to Read that focuses on establishing libraries all around the world. He is a passionate advocate of literacy and quality education. John Wood has a large number of followers than other twitter users featured in this entire list, i.e., around 380K Followers.

John Wood

Dissertation Reviews – @dissreviews

If you want tips and tricks related to writing dissertations, then you must follow this twitter account. Here you will get quality nuggets that will make a lot of things very clear. Whether you are looking for research, writing, formatting or any other tips for your dissertation, you will find quality and easy-to-follow information here.

Dissertation Reviews

So, here are the 7 accounts that you should start following as soon as you can. You will undoubtedly get quality information from industry experts.