6 Ways Teachers Can Harness The Power Of Pinterest


When you think of social media sites, you think about sharing pictures and videos and connecting with friends. But, there is one website that is truly ideal for teachers… and it is called Pinterest. Pinterest allows teachers to do many great things in terms of teaching and learning in a very convenient and fun manner.

If you are a teacher, then get ready to explore a new and exciting world of opportunities that Pinterest brings to you. They will enhance your productivity in no time.

1. Pinterest can be Used to Share Assignment Details

It’s easy for teachers to create pages with detailed instructions related to new assignments for their students. This practice will allow students to see the instructions whenever they want. They will not have to go through their worksheets every now and then to see the requirements. It will be easy for teachers to share complete details with one click.

As a side note, students can also look for assignment help on Pinterest. There are many writing services that help students who can’t write their assignments.

Share Assignment Details

2. Pinterest Offers Printable Games and Lesson Plans

You can easily find an abundance of printable games and lesson plans through a simple search. You will be able to add them to your syllabus as well. This practice makes teaching easy and fun. It allows teachers to engage their students as well. After teachers find appropriate and relevant games, they can easily share them with their students.

Common Core Fractions Lesson Plan Unit- 3rd Grade

3. Pinterest Allows Teachers to Collaborate with Other Educators

There isn’t any other social media website that can connect teachers the way Pinterest does. Teachers can share ideas by creating boards. Teachers can get new ideas from existing and new boards. Since every board, pin and person get a unique URL it becomes really easy for teachers to share with each other.

Teachers Collaboration

4. Pinterest Makes it Really Easy to Start Group Projects

Since Pinterest makes it very easy to share information in a visual manner, teachers can use this powerful platform to start group projects. The entire class can work on a single project or a teacher can create small groups and assign a unique project to each group. Students can then create a separate board for each project.

By updating the board on a regular basis with relevant information, it will be easy for a group of students to see their progress and it will be very easy for a teacher to see how the students are performing. Pinterest undoubtedly takes group projects to a whole new level.

Start Group Projects

5. Pinterest Allows You to Find Quality Images

Pinterest is a very interactive and visual place. This is why it’s a great place to refer to when you are in need of quality images for a lecture or a lesson. You will come across a lot of images that will serve your requirements flawlessly.

Find Quality Free Images

6. Pinterest Provides You with Exciting Ideas for New Projects

Are you looking for some new ideas and inspirations for your lessons? Or, do you want to start a project that will allow your students to work in close collaboration? It doesn’t matter what your plans are, you will certainly be able to find something interesting by going through educational pins on Pinterest. Along with providing you with new ideas, they will get your creative juices flowing as well.

Classroom Ideas

Today’s young generation is very active on social media websites. By using Pinterest, it will be easy for you to engage your students. Plus, you will also have a great time finding new ideas and connecting with fellow educators. So, do take this website seriously and utilize its power to make your work more interesting.