6 Ways Learning Spanish Completely Changes Your Life


Spanish is potentially one of the most useful languages to learn. For business, work, leisure and also a challenge, learning Spanish can have numerous uses and benefits for individuals around the globe. Whether you have some knowledge of the language, or are entirely new to it, there are at least six reasons why you might want to start learning Spanish soon.

1. It Is Not A Foreign Language Anymore

According to research, it shows that Spanish is rising rapidly compared to other non-English languages, especially with a steady flow of new immigrants from Latin America and the growth of Hispanic population. According to a PEW Research Center report, an estimate of 37.6 million people in U.S speaks Spanish as their first language and it has been predicted that Latino population will rise to approximately 128.8 million by 2060. This will make US the largest Spanish-speaking country in the world.

On the other hand, Hispanics will rise from 16% of the U.S population in 2010 to about 30% by 2050. There are a lot of reasons for not wanting to improve communication with such a big number of Spanish in the country. Moreover, not forgetting the dating pool and the language barrier it offers.

2. Career Improvement

With an increase in successful Latino population on the US and the booming Latin economy, employers are desperately looking for people who can speak both English and Spanish languages. For example, there is a big demand in the US for nurses who can speak Spanish. Moreover, other fields such as media and construction management require people who can also speak Spanish very well.

Today, big corporations realize the importance of Spanish in reaching a market that will represent $ 1.5 trillion in purchases by 2015. Moreover, Latin America received a record of $ 174 billion foreign investment back in 2012 and companies everywhere are now expanding to those areas. Companies such as PepsiCo announced a $ 5 billion investment in Mexico.

3. Unlocking A World Of Traveling Destinations

There are approximately 329 million native Spanish speakers in the world and they live in some of the coolest regions in the world. You can leave the touristy resort in Cancun and explore other areas of Latin America, its beaches and trails. For example, Venezuela has the longest Caribbean Sea coastline and it is considered as one of the most mega-diverse country in the world, with more than 40% of its territory protected.

If you go to those popular destinations in Mexico and Caribbean, speaking their local language, it will help you get off the beaten path and get the opportunity to see their real culture. You can also book a trip to Spain and see the wonders of Andalucía, Madrid, Barcelona and others.

4. Watching Amazing Movies And Reading Great Books

There are around 100 successful authors from 54 countries who voted El ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote De La Mancha by Novelist Miguel De Cervantes as the book of all times. Even though the book is available in many other languages, there is nothing like reading the book in its original language. Another author’s you will want to read his book is Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda. This book has not yet been translated but it is a great book to read.

Other great Spanish authors include Marion Vargas Llosa, Roberto Bolano, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and others. Then there are movies; The star directors like Guilermo Del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron, and Pedro Almodovar; they are known for their great Spanish movies. Watching their movies should be enough to convince you about the riches this language has to offer.

5. Easy To Learn

Languages like Arabic offer completely different alphabets, with French, the spelling, pronunciation is extremely difficult and tricky, and Chinese requires one to learn unique tone variations. On the other hand, writing Spanish is almost poetic and easy hence a lot of people learn Spanish with transcript. Just look at any Spanish word and try to pronounce it. You will find it poetic.

The truth is that mastering Spanish grammar is quite challenging; however, with basic knowledge you will find out that many words are similar to English. Because the number of Spanish speakers is continuously increasing, chances are that it will be even easier to learn and practice this language.

6. The British Are Also Learning Spanish And French

According to a research by The British Council Report, it showed that more and more British speakers are learning Spanish every day because of economic and diplomatic reasons. On their list, Spanish was the language that was on top followed by Arabic, French and Mandarin. If the Spanish language has increased, its popularity by that much, imagine when will happen in the near future. All in all, it is time you think of learning Spanish.

Learning Spanish is potentially one of the smartest things you can do and  can provide you with plenty of benefits.

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