6 Stocking Stuffers for Social Media Lovers


If the people on your shopping list spend most of their lives staring at their screens, you have our permission to skip the lines on Black Friday and check out our handy list of stocking stuffers instead.

1. Skype Gift Card

When you can’t tear your loved ones away from their computers for a visit, this service will let them use Skype to call you on your old-timey mobile phone or your landline from home or from one of Skype’s WiFi hotspots.

2. Reddit Gold

No wrapping paper can contain the gift of (mostly) grown men talking about stuff on the internet anonymously. Reddit gold gives them extra privileges that you don’t want to know about.

3. Wikipedia Donation

“I should donate to Wikipedia — I use it every day,” is what social media lovers say with the best of intentions, but few people actually get around to doing it. Your donation to the Wikimedia Foundation on behalf of your friend or family member will alleviate years of guilt and will also help sustain a service that provides free information to people with internet access all over the world.

4. Angry Birds Air Swimmers

When virtual goods aren’t good enough, try these remote-controlled helium balloons inspired by the social game, “Angry Birds.” Your dog/children will be terrified and they will love it.

5. National Park Membership

There’s this place outside the internet called nature. In it, there are mountains, trees, bodies of water, dirt, fresh air, bears, and silence. If you really love the internet, let it go for one weekend and take a walk outside. It will improve your circulation and you might even see a double rainbow.

Image by Larry Knupp via Shutterstock.

6. TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

Just kidding about gift suggestion number 5. Here’s a desk that fits over your treadmill so you basically never have to turn off your computer ever again. (It won’t fit in a stocking, but you can probably hang the stocking from it — that’s what the cupholders are for!)

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