6 Reasons Hospitality Marketers Should Attend the Social Tools Summit

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6 Reasons Hospitality Marketers Should Attend the Social Tools Summit

I’m looking forward to being apart of the second Social Tools Summit later this month in San Francisco!

The first one in Boston was a huge success and set a high bar in terms of how to incorporate social media into your hotel events.

There are a few qualities about this event that set it apart from others. First, there’s a single track, so no stress about picking which concurrent sessions you’ll attend at a specific time.

While the first summit in Boston was a single-day event, this follow-up event elaborates on key topics even further by expanding into two, full, single-track days.

Additionally, the event is focused primarily on tools, keeping a narrow scope on social media marketing. The single track features a combination of product experts and speakers from big brands, small brands, and “trenders” who are individuals that work in the social media trenches.

There are a variety of benefits restaurant and hotel marketers can attain by attending the Social Tools Summit.

Here are a few key reasons:

Focus on Enterprise Marketing

As most hotels brands fall under the enterprise umbrella, so enterprise-focused topics are especially beneficial.

For example, the “Enterprise Social Media Management Is a Big Enterprise” session will cover how enterprise social media management platforms are quickly becoming an all-in-one tool that is a necessary investment for large companies.

Experts will discuss various enterprise social media management platforms as well as the technology and what is the best way to utilize them.

A Look at How to Build Brand Advocates

Any hospitality-focused company has stressed emphasis on customer service and creating unique, memorable experiences.

A session on how to use fans and employees to build a social advocacy program will cover how to activate such a plan.

Attendees will be able to learn about the advantages of using an advocacy platform to help exponentially leverage the voice of those that are already supporting you: your fans and employees.

Tips on How to Measure ROI

One of the questions I most commonly get asked is how and what to measure in social media. For hotels, specifically, ROI is measured by the number of “heads in beds” – i.e. how many hotel rooms are booked (or groups booked, etc)?

The session on analyzing the value of your social media program will showcase how social tools help marketers glean insight as to the business value of our social media activities.

A social media analytics and intelligence tool is essential to identifying deeper insights into your presence, your customers, your competition, your content, and ultimately your ROI, and attendees can learn from experts how the secret tools of social business intelligence can help you measure, integrate, and analyze.

Content is King!

Content is an essential component of virtually every aspect of marketing, especially social media marketing. Every social media program relies on content, but how do you crowdsource, source, curate, organize, publish, repurpose, analyze, and measure your content marketing efforts?

After the networking breakfast, Day 2 of the Social Tools Summit’s programming will kick off with content marketing and content curation experts conveying how to better understand ways to leverage content platforms to ensure you publish higher quality and engaging content for your brand in less time.

Influencing the Influencers

Influencer marketing is prominent among travel brands as travel is such a visual entity and travel blogging is one of the largest niche fields. But how do you go about find the right influencers, and how do you develop relationships with them?

Influencer marketing is recognized as a powerful way to tap into communities and extend the reach of brands through help of those with powerful social media presences.

This session on influencing influencers through influencer marketing (say that three times fast!) will assess how tools can help as part of the process of identifying, engaging, recruiting, and analyzing the ROI of your influencer marketing program.

The Changing Dynamics of B2B Social Selling

Most social media efforts for hotels focus on the leisure market, but a large chunk of business for hotels comes from booking group business, and that’s where B2B marketing comes in.

Multiple data points already suggest that sales people that use social media as part of their sales process outperform those that don’t.

Social selling has altered the landscape of B2B selling, and the session about Social Selling will cover some pertinent issues surrounding this topic by looking at a wide range of solutions that will help B2B salespople become better at Social Selling.

Learn all about how to maximize the use of your sales team’s time and make it easy for them to incorporate social selling into their sales toolbox.

These are only a few of the takeaways hospitality marketers will be able to take from the Social Tools Summit.

Check out the full agenda at www.SocialToolsSummit.com and feel free to use my code DEBBIE100SOCIAL to save $ 100 should you wish to go.

You will be in good hands joining social media gurus from top brands such as Adobe, LinkedIn, Cisco, Walmart, Cox Communications, Cathay Pacific Airways, and many others.

The last summit in Boston was sold-out and was trending world-wide with 80 million impressions, so if you can’t attend, be sure to follow the hashtag #SocialTools15 on October 27 and 28!

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