6 Most Popular Tumblr Extensions!


Tumbler is a great platform to manage one or more blogs with minimum effort and inconvenience. While it is true that the concept of photo blogs existed even before Tumblr arrived, it was Tumblr that made it so popular among masses. The secret behind Tumblr’s success is an easy to use and intuitive user interface which can be used for posting text, audio clips, quotes, videos etc.

However, with as many features as it may carry, there is always a scope for improvement. Tumblr extensions aim at doing just that, i.e. making Tumblr experience better.

Here are 6 most popular Tumblr extensions to get you started!

1. Missing e

Missing e

As the name suggests, this extension includes all those features that Tumblr has missed out on, like the “e” in its spelling. It is very easy to install the Missing e extension. All that you need to do is click on the download link and be guided by the add-on which directs you as per the browser being used. Once you are through with the installation process, you need to refresh your browser to find the button for Missing e settings.

2. XKit


XKit is not a simple add on like many others, instead, it is a kit that includes many other such extensions that can be installed and removed from time to time. Although the process of installation differs from browser to browser, XKit identifies your browser and guides you through the way. After the installation, once you need to load your dashboard to find a New X icon in it.

Through this, you can see new extensions or customize existing ones. There are a huge variety of tweaks to choose from like unfollow tracker, widgets, themes and many more. While it may take a little time for you to get accustomed to these options, this time will be worth it if you aim at enhancing your experience with Tumblr.

3. Tumblr Post [Firefox]

Tumblr Post

For those who do not wish to visit Tumblr dashboard everytime they desire adding a new post, this extension comes to rescue. Tumblr post enables you do this from whichever page you are on. If it so happens that you do not find the Tumblr post button, you can drag it onto the toolbar by right clicking on it, choosing ‘customize’ and then finding the button to get it onto the toolbar. You can also do so for images, videos, links and text to have them either posted or added to queue.

4. Share on Tumblr

Share on Tumblr

This extension resembles Tumblr bookmarklet except that it is in the form of a toolbar button. This also enables you to post on Tumblr without actually visiting the dashboard everytime. All you need to do is click on the button ‘Share on Tumblr’ and generate a post from that window itself. With Share on Tumblr, you can insert a post, share it on social media or even schedule it just as you would do with regular dashboard.

If you wish to share a photo with this extension, you need to browse through till the actual file that you want is displayed. In case you do not find the add-on button, go through the same process as with Tumblr Post.

5. Tumblr Notifier [Chrome]

For all the avid Tumblr followers who desire to keep an eye on their feeds always, this extension comes in handy. This extension finds a place in your toolbar and awaits a new post. When a new post is found, it generates a red color notification indicating the quantity of new posts. A simple click on the icon takes you to your dashboard.

6. Tumblr Collage [Chrome]

Tumblr Collage

Many of you would have got fed up of reading your favorite Tumblelogs the old fashioned way. It is also possible that you desire a bird’s eyeview on one full blog. For all those who fall under these categories, Tumblr collage makes an amazing extension that enables you to view a blog like a collage of photos. Once you install this extension, you will find a colorful collage symbol on the address bar which when clicked, will present a collage of photos from a single blog.

With these extensions in use, you are surely going to have a better Tumblr experience. With the World Wide Web ever progressing, you need to have a careful watch on what is the latest in the market and remain updated with any latest extensions that have been introduced.