6 Facebook Experts Tell You How You Should Spend $200 [Infographic]

Posted by Chelsea Hejny on 05 Aug 2014 / 0 Comment

At the end of June, Greg from Webquacker, an SEO company based out of Sydney, asked me and five other Facebook pros a really fun question. He asked, “If there was a new small business owner wanting to start their Facebook presence with $ 200, how would you recommend they spend it?” Each of the six experts Webquacker reached out to gave different responses to this question.

One of my favorite responses came from Scott Ayres of Post Planner. He said to start by spending $ 5 a day on Page Like ads straight from your page, then, once your page has hit 100 Likes, to boost a few posts at about $ 5 each. After you’ve done this for 30 days, you should have $ 10 of your $ 200 budget to spare. So what’s a business owner to do with their remaining cash? Ayres suggests he/she use it to go buy a pack of Dos Equis! (Scott, this is for you.)

Webquacker created a really cool infographic (shown below) to display the feedback of their six Facebook experts. To read the full response I gave, along with how the other five pros responded to Webquacker’s creative question, head over to their blog.

Readers, if you were asked the same question how would you respond?