6 Effective Ways To Use Snapchat To Promote Your Business


Lately, a lot of businesses have been using social media platforms to attract and reach out to potential customers. Take, for instance, G+, Twitter, and Facebook. However, all those platforms are old new now! Why not try something new and different this time, something that is being “trended” today as the latest tool in the every growing social media marketing arsenal?

How about Snapchat?! Snapchat isn’t just being used for photo and video sharing by crazy, selfie-obsessed teenagers. It is, in fact, being used by many businesses to build and establish relationships with their customers.

UsTrendy, a popular fashion blog, and e-commerce website has been using Snapchat for the promotion of their brand by involving their customers to do the marketing for them. The company continues to grow every year as a result of their successful marketing campaigns.

In July 2014, Snapchat recorded a statistic of 700 million photo messages every day! Clearly, the app is currently the most trending one in town (other than Facebook, Twitter and whatever).

Number of photo messages sent by Snapchat users every day

The 23 year old Evan Spiegel (@evanspiegel), who successfully built Snapchat in 2011 during his Stanford University years (and who is also drop-dead gorgeous), reported to have refused a $ 3 billion offer for his company. Now, there must be something extremely valuable about the app that explains why he would turn down such a ginormous offer! He wasn’t crazy!

According to a Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers, this platform “has gone from…simple photo and video sharing…to a marketing tool that can’t be ignored”. Really? How can it be used to successfully promote your business with the self-destruct feature? Let’s, take a look.

1) Make it Quick and Memorable

Instead of sulking about the self-destruct feature you need to embrace it! The unique feature of timed Snapchats is part of what makes this app so popular. Unlike other social media platforms where you can share photos and videos that are permanent by default, Snapchat users have to be quick in viewing their shares because the posts/pics will snap out in just 24 hours.

So, what does that mean for business owners? Clearly, they will have less time to capture customers and pass on the message. The trick is to make your call-to-action very simple, easy, and memorable. The best ads tell a story in the shortest amount of time (30 seconds or less). That means all you need is a few seconds and maybe only one chance to make an impact.

According to VP Corporate Communication, at Robosoft, “Short ads are sweet because they are snappy, unexpected, and memorable”.We do have snappy social tool for that!

2) Snappy Rewards and Coupons

You can also send customers discount offers or coupons messages using Snap chat. You won’t have to mention a time limit because, obviously, Snap chat will do that for you. You will be delivering offers and rewards in just a matter of seconds. This technique will also encourage customers to follow your “snaps” more frequently to discover the latest incentives. Send them promo codes which they will have to show to redeem a coupon, and THAT will get them hooked to your business offers with Snap chat!

3) Behind-the-Scenes Images

You can send your customers behind the scenes pictures of your business. Behind the scene photos and videos are intriguing for customers and, they are perfect marketing tools that never get worn-out. You can target these messages to special customers who would love to take a sneak-peak at the production process. Or, you can use video campaigns to show how your work is done so to avoid any negative buzz about your business that often sparks up.

4) Preview of New Products

Why not show your customers previews of a new product using Snapchat? Show them the new collection of arrivals or the latest food item on your menu. This will keep them updated with the latest information about your business’s products, and they are bound to rush into your store to collect the latest items before anyone else does!

5) Experience-Emotion Selfies

The experience-emotion selfie technique involves asking customers to share their first experience using your product. This means they get to post selfies of their genuine expressions after using your product for the first time. How did they react to your product? Were they happy, excited, wondrous, shocked, or relaxed?

Psychology says that the positive expressions of person and eye contact play a major role as a powerful selling tool (i.e. in a recent A/B Split test, images with a person smiling vs not-smiling increased a software developer’s profits by 10.7% over 5 weeks with an initial improvement of 50%). This is why the most powerful form of advertising till today uses faces of human being with pleasant features and facial expressions.

6) Special Sales and Events

Notify your customers every time there is a special sale or an event. Flash sales are a great way to invite masses of customers looking forward to exploit “the latest sales offers”. Exclusive sales and events last for only a short period. Snap chat will give you the benefit of a “self-destructing” snappy sales events notification.

You can also restrict this to only you most favored and loyal customers. Invite them to a tour behind the scenes or for a taste of the latest new food product.
According to Dailymail, “Almost a third of 18 to 24-year-olds now uses Snapchat. This is compared to 24% of Twitter app users and 10% of Viners. Snapchat’s popularity has more than doubled from 12% in November 2014”.

Leading Social Media Apps among 18-24 years olds by Smartphone penetration

Statistics points out how Snapchat is predominantly used by younger audience which means that this powerful marketing tool is more inclined towards the younger customers. If you have a business with a target audience oriented towards the “millennials” or the youth, then this is the perfect new social media for you to exploit!