6 Content Marketing Strategies from 30 Days of LinkedIn Publishing


From June 2nd – July 2nd,Greg Ciotti conducted an experiment, putting LinkedIn’s new publishing platform to the test.

As reported on Convince and Convert, the execution was simple: Monday through Friday, he would post 1-2 of his previously published articles on the site and gauge the response. He was primarily concerned with audience quality, overall reach, and deducing which topics worked on LinkedIn.

The results: He amassed over 255,262 total views in a month.

Since LinkedIn publishing is a new feature for the site, all of his results are from a starting point of zero:

From 0 → 255,262 total article views
From 0 → 35 published articles
From 0 → 3,022 LinkedIn followers

Check out the full break down of the lessons learned from this 30-day publishing experiment here.

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