6 Best Games to Play This Weekend


Borderlands 2

Mashable has already said a lot about how fun Borderlands 2 was, but it was still worth including in this post, probably because it’s what some of us will be playing this weekend extensively as well.

The shooter-RPG hybrid will have you running all over the futuristic wild West of Pandora, collecting as much loot as you can while facing up against hordes of robots, yetis, bandits, and weird monsters beyond compare. The action is fast-paced but accessible to everyone, and the story and characters will really crack you up (but also get you misty a couple times.)

Borderlands 2 is available for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for $ 59.99.

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Another week is over, finally, so that means it’s time to unwind. What better way than by picking up a game?

If you aren’t sure what to play this weekend, Mashable has you covered. We’ve compiled a list of the best games that are recent releases you don’t want to miss. We’ve tried to cover all the platforms, too, so there is something included if you want to play on your phone, your console, or your PC.

Check out the list above, and please tell us what you’re playing this weekend in the comments below.

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