5 Ways to Increase Your Traffic With Pinterest SEO (That You Can Implement Immediately)


5 Ways to Increase Your Traffic With Pinterest SEO (That You Can Implement Immediately) image Pinterest SEO Pro Tips
Pinterest drives a huge amount of traffic. The traffic that Pinterest sends to websites and blogs is also up 56.2% from a year ago.

However too many business and brands are making mistakes when it comes to Pinterest SEO. What that means is they’re not fully optimizing their Pinterest account. As a result they miss tons of traffic that should be theirs.

Lots of social media managers rush to pin their hearts out, but miss the fact that applying proper SEO tactics in several areas will make a big difference for getting found on Pinterest.

Each board and pin you create has to be contain relevant keywords to get a high ranking from Pinterest’s internal search algorithm.

Just like with Google, the goal is to have your Pinterest page and boards rank on the first page of search results for your keywords.

Pinterest users (read: your prospective customers) search for inspiration on Pinterest by typing keywords into their search bars. To get your Pinterest page, boards, or pins from your site to come up on the first page of results, use specific keywords + Pinterest category names whenever possible. This will increase your chances of being found and followed on Pinterest.

Here are the 5 Ways to Increase Traffic With Pinterest SEO:

1. Username

Your username should include more than just your business name since most people will not search Pinterest for your business or company name unless you’re a big blue chip brand name like American Eagle, Target, or Nordstrom.

For example: if you’re an interior designer and your business name is “Cindy Smith,” choose a username like “interiordesign.” Since that’s a popular keyword people type into their search bars on Pinterest. If that username is taken then keep trying other keywords related to interior design, or your type of business.

2. Profile Name

Just like with the username, your profile name should include your business name or personal brand name + a key word.

For example: if you’re a spa and your company name is “Breathe,” use “Breathe Day Spa” as your profile name. If you’re a medical spa then you can be more specific and use “Breath Medical Spa.”

5 Ways to Increase Your Traffic With Pinterest SEO (That You Can Implement Immediately) image Havens Day Spa

An optimized Pinterest page that uses keywords in the profile name.

Both day spa and medical spa are keywords people browsing Pinterest would use in their searches.

3. About Section

Search optimizing yoru About section on Pinterest is simple:

– Describe what makes your Business unique and a call to action (sign-up, call us, etc).
– Use a keyword that matches a Pinterest category in each sentence.

4. Board Title Names

The key to a successful Pinterest board title is not trying to be too clever. Save your creativity for the images themselves. For example: if you have a board of cheesecake recipes, don’t name it “My Cheesy Creations.” Remember that board names are indexed by Google too so you want to keep the board names obvious and simple. In this case “Cheesecake Recipes” would do fine.

5. Board Description

You have ample space here, so select several keywords carefully and use them throughout your board several times each to increase your Pinterest SEO.

Think through what Pinterest users expect to find on your board and why pinners should follow your board. Spell it out clearly, then add a call to action.

The example below is from one of my own boards. I choose Pinterest and Pinterest Expert as keywords. I wove them into the board description so if someone types “Pinterest Expert” into the search box I know I’ve done what I can appear as high as possible in the results.

5 Ways to Increase Your Traffic With Pinterest SEO (That You Can Implement Immediately) image Pinterest Expert1
Another best practice is to look back and apply these Pinterest SEO tactics to your older boards. I can say from experience that the time spent is soooo worth it.

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