5+ Ways to Improve Social Media Conversions


Social media is a great place to have conversations, but how do you turn those conversations into conversions so you meet your marketing and financial goals? Here are 5+ areas you need to address to get the most from the time you invest in social media.

1. Set Goals, But Don’t Get Hung Up on the Numbers

5+ Tips on Getting Better ROI from Social Media

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To start with, you need to think about conversions on social media differently from other channels. This isn’t the same as your usual marketing where you are duty-bound to push your product. Instead your goals can be about interacting with customers, creating relationships and building brand loyalty.

So it’s not a numbers game (there’s no point in having a gazillion fans and followers if none of them are talking to you) but about making genuine connections that might just turn a few customers into brand ambassadors or advocates or can help you get 1,000 true fans that really make social media useful for you.

If your social media goals are about interaction and engagement, you will soon have something to measure.

2. Create Landing Pages to Make Connections

Social media landing pages are useful for a couple of reasons. First, they give you an easy way to measure how well you are doing on each channel. Second, they help you create a personal relationship with your social media followers by addressing them directly.

On a side note, I think there’s still work to do here. While a landing page that addresses me as a Twitter or Pinterest user grabs my attention, it would be even more awesome if it grabbed my username and used that.

A social media landing page makes visitors feel welcome and is a good way to deepen interaction in one place. For example, you could include social proof (such as how many fans and followers you have), links to your best products, services or content or an offer specifically for those users. You could even do all three.

A social media landing page lets people know what they will get from connecting with you, and that’s what customers increasingly want from the brands they follow.

Tip: be honest and transparent to win with customers. Here’s a case study that shows a campaign for National Golf Day included a social media landing page and doubled the social media attention for the campaign compared with the year before.

3. Spruce Up Your Image

If you haven’t updated your social media cover image in a while, now’s a good time. Cover images can be used on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. (I’m betting you’ll soon be able to use them on Pinterest too.)

Images are a great way to showcase your brand’s personality to drive conversions, but more than that, cover images can drive action and sales, as this case study on UNICEF shows. Using the same cover image across social media reinforces branding and makes it easier for people to feel connected with you no matter which social media site they are on.

5+ Ways to Improve Social Media Conversions

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But it’s not just about the covers—including posts with photos is proven to boost clicks, which has an impact on conversions. One recent case study on Convince and Convert found that using multiple photo posts on Facebook resulted in a 1290% rise in the number of clicks. And a Hubspot split test found a 55% increase in leads when images were added to tweets.

Whether you’re talking memes, images with calls to action or quirky images that showcase your brand’s personality (see how Grammarly does it) people respond to images, which is why they are the most shared social media content.

Add them to the mix to bring people back to your site. Check out this guide from Jeff Bullas to get social media images sizes right every time and our own guide to finding great images.

4. Use More Video

You already know that video drives conversions, as viewers stick around longer and follow links to purchase products. Not only are videos great place to include multiple calls to action, but you can play them on Twitter (if you’re using a mobile device), on Pinterest and on other social networks.

The longer people are on your social media profiles watching a video, the more likely it is that they’ll follow a link and see what else you have to offer. Learn how to improve video conversions in this article by George Mathew.

5. Feed the Content Beast (at the Right Time)

Feed the hungry content marketing beast

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Everyone knows that content is important. Whether you’re creating content for social media or bringing fans and followers back to your site, you need to have the best content you can. Here are some tips for getting it:

Once you have the content ready, then it’s all about timing, as we saw in a recent post about Twitter conversions. Check out the studies linked in that article to set a posting schedule, then monitor its effectiveness using your favorite analytics tool.

Think also about post frequency: too few and you won’t make an impact; too many and you risk overwhelming your audience and turning them off.

3 Bonus Tips on Social Media and Conversions

SignalFire says you can get more people to your social media profiles and from there to your site, by including social media usernames or links on your offline marketing material too.

Invesp points out that you don’t always have to send people back to your site to achieve conversions. Sometimes a pin pointing to an external review of your product or service can provide the social proof that customers need so they feel comfortable purchasing.

Unbounce highlights two case studies showing the importance of split testing social media posts to find out which ones win the most clicks.

Finally, measure constantly and adapt to get the most from your social media conversion strategy. What social media conversion tactics work best for you?

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