5 Ways The Apple Watch Surprisingly Affects My Day


My grandfather asked me, “What do you want for your high school graduation gift?”… “An Apple Watch sounds pretty cool,” I told him. Ever since I first heard of the Pebble Smartwatch, and saw it slowly rise to success through the Kickstarter ranks, I have longed to own a smartwatch.

Fast-forward to my 18-year-old self, on the verge of graduating high school. Apple had just announced the release of their long-desired watches, and as a long time Apple lover, I definitely was drooling over the thought of having one.

I don’t really need the Apple Watch, though, I heard myself saying. I have a perfectly good iPhone 6, and a functional Mac. Is the Apple Watch really necessary? Of course it is. Low and behold, I received my Apple Watch in the simple, yet quietly beautiful Apple boxing that we all know so well.

Ever since first putting the Apple Watch on my wrist, I have noticed certain ways it affects my everyday life. Some great, and some… eh. Here are five ways in which my Apple Watch affects my day:

1. I check my phone less

This is perhaps what some people consider to be the sole purpose or goal of the Apple Watch. Instead of checking my phone every time I feel a buzz in my pocket, I can choose what deserves my attention through the channel of my wrist. Some things I’ll see on my Watch, and I know I’ll never have to spend time responding to them on my phone. It helps filter what deserves my time and, which I’m really pretty happy about.

2. It’s a great conversation starter

Ever since first getting my Watch, people who see it on my wrist have often approached me and asked if I liked it. Also, I love finding other fellow members of the Apple Watch club. It always makes for great elevator small talk to hear other thoughts on our timepieces.

3. I’m exercising more

The Activity and Workout apps on the Watch are simply great. I find myself more conscious about exercising and staying active. To me, the Activity app is like a little game I play each day. I try to surpass my daily move goals, try to stand up more, and spend more time walking. What could be a better feeling than receiving a virtual badge from my Watch at the end of the week if I complete all of my exercise goals? Also, when I hit the gym, the Workout app is a great companion. It tells me how long I’ve been exercising, how many calories I’ve burned, and what my heart rate is.

4. Charging it can be a bit of a nuisance

While I must admit that the Apple Watch has a pretty solid battery life, I’ve never had to worry about charging a watch before. I understand having to charge it is one of the sacrifices of owning a watch of this capacity, but the charger is often just one more thing I have to remember packing whenever I go someplace. Wouldn’t one universal charger for all Apple products be great?

5. “Never buy a first generation Apple product”

I heard this popular opinion long before I got my Apple Watch, but that didn’t stop me. Admittedly, I do notice some occasional technical flaws to the Watch; there is sometimes lag when opening certain apps, the touch screen isn’t as responsive as I hoped it would be, and the digital crown sometimes gets jammed if dirt gets trapped inside. But who cares? They’re minimal setbacks that annoy me once in a while, and I’m willing to forget them. Who can complain when you pretty much have an iPhone on your wrist?

Image Credit: Macworld

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