“Paris is always a good idea” said Audrey Hepburn and I would have to agree! It seems that Lonely Planet also concurs, as Paris made it to the top of their list of cities to travel to in 2014. My husband and I spent five days in the city last summer, during my big fat European vacation. Despite it being the beginning of summer, Paris was cold, grey and rainy, but gorgeous nonetheless… and I was completely enamoured. I had planned the Europe trip in such a way that Paris was sandwiched between our time in Italy and Austria and this was because I wanted to spend my birthday in Paris!
It’s difficult to make a ‘top 5 things to do in Paris’ list since there’s just so much to see and experience. Most guidebooks will give you the usual suspects – The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Notre-Dame, Sacre-Coeur and Jardin du Luxembourg – and for a good reason. These are certainly worth a visit. And there are many, many more things that you should do, time permitting.  Here’s my pick of 5 things other than those very well known sights.
1) Cruise down the River Seine

La Seine runs through the heart of Paris, passing by many of the city’s attractions, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Concorde Square and Notre-Dame to name a few. We chose the Vedettes du Pont Neuf, which starts from the base of the Pont Neuf Bridge.Try and get there early and snag a seat right up front in the boat. If you choose to sit in the enclosed part of the boat, be prepared to be subjected to a chattering crowd, which will most likely make you miss the entire commentary. The slow cruise up and down the river takes about an hour and if you’re seated at the front you will get a wonderful view all the way. Just be wary of the water splashing on board if it’s a blustery day, as it happened to us!

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