5 Tips For Creating Sequenced Ad Campaigns on Facebook [Infographic]


new study by Adaptly, in partnership with Facebook and Refinery29, shows that sequential Facebook ads that incorporate brand storytelling and awareness outperform sustained campaigns with ads solely focused on getting conversions.

The survey results were eye-opening: Sequenced ad campaigns that slowly led viewers down the sales funnel received 87 percent more view-throughs and 56 percent more email subscriptions compared to sustained call-to-action campaigns.

While producing a successful Facebook drip campaign requires notable time, creative input and strategic planning, the payoff can be worth it.  New to the concept? Our cheat sheet covers 5 essential rules for creating a successful sequenced ad campaign!

5 Tips For Creating Sequenced Ad Campaigns on Facebook [Infographic] image SequencedAds v2612

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Note: This post originally appeared on the Flightpath blog.  

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