5 Tips for Awesome Slideshare Content Inspiration


5 Tips for Awesome Slideshare Content Inspiration #slideshare

Slideshare is a great (content) marketing platform but since it’s mostly about sharing presentations, many people shy away from marketing there.

I am starting Slideshare series here, at Maximize Social Business, giving you lots of tips on how to quite easily add Slideshare to your content marketing plan and even become a superstar there. Yes, it does require some effort (any social media network does!) but it’s doable and you may actually enjoy the process!

Here are five ideas for your next Slideshare presentation:

1. Make your guides / instructions easier and more interactive

I love using screenshots in every other article I write. I love annotated screenshots for instructions. I love re-using those screenshots to create step-by-step visual guides for Slideshare.

Embedding a Slideshare deck with how to use your tool or why to join your list is a smart idea because a presentation tends to improve engagement and make complicated things seem easier.

Here’s a simple instructional Slideshare I did a few weeks ago (Note: I am using Snagit to easily annotate my screenshots).


2. Collect quotes

Quotes are one of the most popular Slideshare topics. They never stop working: People love clicking from slide to slide while being inspired by a new quote every time.


Note: I use Quotery.com to pick up some of the best quotes and do that easily, I think they have the highest-quality collection of quotes!

Focus on one topic at a time when putting together a deck containing quotes: For example:

  • “Famous quotes to motivate you to keep blogging”
  • “What we can learn about leadership from most famous dictators”, etc.

It may be smart idea to use Wikipedia Commons pictures of famous people mentioned (Mention the source of the images as well!)

Here’s a great example of quotes-focused Slideshare done right (and here’s Problogger’s story on how he came up with the idea and what kind of results he saw)

Tip! If you have ever done an expert interview on your blog, it may be a smart idea to collect those expert quotes and turn them into a Slideshare presentation too! That would be a great way to re-connect with those experts again!

3. Re-purpose your conference presentations

Uploading your presentation to Slideshare has lots of benefits: Use the official conference hashtag in the Slideshare upload name (and thus page title), and you’ll enjoy lots of retweets from the conference participants (and hence more followers and recognition).

conference presentations

Additionally, you’ll have more chances to get additional coverage because your presentation will be easier to find.

4. Curate

Presentations work great for creating lists and curating content. You can collect anything:

  • Share your reading list: Book covers make a great Slideshare especially if you hit the high season: People love discovering new books before going on summer vacation, for example.
  • List gift ideas: Again, if you make it timely, you’ll totally rock the platform. Start thinking about Christmas gift ideas now!
  • Share your favorite free tools: People LOVE free tools. Your Slideshare will be downloaded dozens of times if you make it a worthy list of topical tools (Which all solve one problem)

Here’s a great example: 99 slideshares that every entrepreneur must read (Note that all of those presentation screenshots are clickable!)

My good friend Kev Massey shares a neat way of using Slideshare to curate weekly industry news:

I use SlideShares as an end of the week round-up just so the lazy people can skim through our latest posts. Anything more than 10 slides will defeat the object. They should be quick, easy to read and straight to the point. SlideShares = The lazy readers blog post!


5. Give more exposure to your interview / podcast / Twitter chat guest

Have you interviewed a well-known blogger or an influencer on your site? Don’t use that awesome content only once! The more of your followers see the familiar face / name associated with you, the better for you, your brand and your blog! This is the fundamentals of ego-bait!

Angela Hemans is doing a great job promoting her Twitter chat and guests at Slideshare.


Other types of files supported by Slideshare

In some cases, you don’t really need to create a new content piece to target Slideshare. There are ways to re-use your other assets there:


  • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc/ .docx/ .rtf)
  • OpenOffice Documents (.odt)
  • most .txt files


  • Adobe PDF (.PDF)

To tell the difference between the document and infographic, use this guide:

  • If the file has a higher height than width (like a standard A4 document), it will be categorizes as a document
  • If the file is twice as high as it is wide, it will be categorized as an infographic.

That means; you are welcome to upload your cheatsheets and infographics to Slideshare for more exposure!

Quick note here: As you can see, Slideshare does not allow image filetypes, so you’ll need to convert your image file (e.g. infographic) into a pdf documents (Which is quite easy to do using Photoshop or a free web-based tool)

Another note to make here is that there will be no way for you to link a one-page document to the source (Slideshare only allows to hyperlink objects starting from page 4 of the file), so don’t expect a traffic boost from uploading your infographics to Slideshare. It works GREAT for branding though!

Next month I’ll cover fun free (and freemium) tools to create awesome Slideshare presentations: So brainstorm lots of ideas to be ready to build Slideshares immediately!

Do you have more creative content ideas for Slideshare? Please share them in the comments!

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