5 Things Your CEO (And You) Should Never Post on Facebook



Have you ever wondered what you should or shouldn’t say online if you made it to the big leagues one day? Being a leader means you have an important image to maintain, of course! So you should know by now that once something goes live on the Internet there is no getting it back – and every attempt to delete it helps it grow and haunt you forever more.

Actually – that applies to everyone. So even if you aren’t a CEO, this list of 5 things to never post on Facebook might be something to pay attention to:

Let’s jump right in:

1) Religious/political topics

If your intentions are to start a debate or infuriate people, then by all means post your beliefs about religion or your views on politics. However, as a CEO this is never a smart thing to do. Not only is it unprofessional, but some may find if offensive and it can seriously hurt your reputation or that of your company. Some things are better left unsaid and anything related to these two topics are definitely “those things.”

2) Daily selfies

If you take daily selfies and you are a CEO, you might as well write your resignation letter and post that along with your selfie. As a CEO you have a professional image to maintain, and those selfies taken on your iPhone camera are far from professional, at worst – and show an unseemly narcissistic streak, at best. Invest in a professional photographer to help you capture the perfect head shot, if the former – and a professional therapist, if the latter!

3) Unintentional Posts

Everyone is guilty of liking some obnoxious content on Facebook every now and then – some people do this WAY more than others, but we have all done it at least once. Whether it be that video of a college girl doing a kegstand in a bikini or the page for a male revue show you attended the weekend before with your girlfriends, when you “like” this stuff, everyone you’re connected to sees it. Do you really want them to know THAT much about your personal life, you dirty monkey?

4) Long rants

Long rants are never fun to read. And it’s even worse when you read one and go back to reread it again for whatever reason, and it’s not there. Nobody likes a person who writes and deletes long, rambling posts on Facebook habitually. Keep the long rants for your diary, or your assistant who has no choice but to listen to you. And know that at least ONE person who saw it took a screenshot and has sent it off to a mutual professional contact. Yikes!

5) Autoposts from Twitter

Having your Facebook synced to your Twitter account is okay, but having your Twitter synced to your Facebook gets annoying. No one wants to see everything you tweet, retweet, or respond to on Twitter, that’s what Twitter is for. Keep what you had for lunch, what happened to you on the train this morning and what ever other witty ‘every five minutes observation’ confined to Twitter. Where it belongs (and it MUCH more tolerated.)

Facebook can be a make or break platform for anyone but especially as a CEO with thousands of followers. Like other social media platforms it is extremely important to choose your words wisely, and in the case of Facebook, your friends, likes and photos too.  You never really know who is “stalking” you on the internet, and what harm it can do.

And in case this has (rightly) frightened you, here’s how to lock that baby down with a quickness!

Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.