5 Strategies to Identify New Bloggers to Talk About Your Brand


5 Strategies to Identify New Bloggers to Talk About Your Brand

While consumers are becoming more resourceful in seeking out purchase information, marketers are becoming more resourceful in seeking out new bloggers to partner with.

Bloggers are one of the strongest sources of influence and are the perfect “middle man” when it comes to saying good stuff about products and services.

Whether you want to increase your blogger outreach efforts, check in and see if you’re making the most out of blogger outreach or if you’re new to blogger outreach—this post is a great resource when it comes to the WHO of reaching out to bloggers.

Convert Buyer Personas in to Blogger Personas

One of the biggest areas that marketers struggle in is positioning their thinking to think through the types of bloggers that their target audience would follow or seek out.

One way to tackle this is to take your buyer personas a step further and create blogger personas.

Think of the types of posts your audience would seek out, what types of bloggers they would follow and what common interests they share. This can help you identify different verticals of bloggers that would cause brand engagement from the consumers you want to reach.

This worksheet is a fantastic resource to fill out and have any co-worker who interacts with clients to fill out. It’s a tool to position your thinking in the right direction and helps brainstorm and gather niches and verticals of bloggers to reach out to.

Power an Opt-In Network

Many brands are building very successful and influential networks by having an “opt-in” strategy. From recruiting on social media to having a call-to-action on your homepage, make it apparent the brand wants to take signups for your blogger outreach strategy.

You can hook a web form up to your site to ask important vetting questions such as common post topics, social presence, blog traffic and more.

Equip Yourself with the RIGHT Tool

Blogger outreach—especially the identification process—is very time consuming. Having a tool to power your search for bloggers and organize your outreach campaign is often worth the money spent in time saved.

Check out this post/quiz to find out if it’s time for you to get a blogger outreach tool. It’s full of suggestions for top tools as well.

Ask Around

I have heard from many marketers that some of the best blogger relationships that they have were because of referrals.

  • Referrals from customers—you can ask them which bloggers are they’re favorite. After all, they’re representational of your target consumers!
  • Referrals from other bloggers—other bloggers network with other bloggers. So many times they are more than happy to suggest names of fellow bloggers for you to work with. This is your “in!”
  • Referrals from your current network—tap in to your current Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. following and simply as who has a blog and wants to team up with you.

Steer With Pain-points

Based on conversations you’ve had with consumers, what is one or two common pain points that they experienced before purchasing from you?

Use these pain-points to identify new bloggers to work with.

Reach out to the bloggers who would post about this problem or solution and this could encompass brand new verticals of bloggers which means brand new audiences to expose your brand to!

When reaching out to these bloggers make sure you explain the pain point that you want to solve for them with your brand so they can show their audience an entire experience.

What Next!?

Influencer identification is just the first piece of the puzzle.

In order to see awesome results from all of the hard work you put in planning your blogger outreach campaign and finding the right bloggers to work with—make sure the rest of your strategy is super solid as well.

Here are some next steps to keep in mind and strengthen your strategy past the identification process.

Pitching: Pitching bloggers is your virtual first impression and you don’t get a second chance so it need to be a sturdy pitch!

Creative campaigning: Make sure your blogger outreach plan always has that creative “extra element” to score the most engaging and brand lifting posts possible.

Case Studies: Keep yourself up to date with blogger outreach case studies and monitor what other marketers are doing to engage bloggers. Inspiration is key!

Do you have a strategy to share when it comes to identifying bloggers for marketing purposes? Please share in the comments below, would love to chat with you!

Kristen Matthews
This monthly Blogger Outreach column is contributed by Kristen Matthews. Kristen is the marketing and community manager for GroupHigh in Boulder, Colorado. A constant thirst for creativity has driven her in to this profession because it’s full of writing and new ideas. Kristen is passionate about content marketing and blogging because of the collaborative aspects these trends in marketing have taken. Kristen on Google+
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