5 Stories Your Business Should Be Telling On Pinterest


5 Stories Your Business Should Be Telling On Pinterest

5 Stories Your Business Should Be Telling On Pinterest

You might think that storytelling could not possibly pertain to your business.

Think again.

Storytelling is the best way to convince your customers that you are the right company with whom to do business.

Humans have been communicating through stories for over 30,000 years – starting with cave paintings on rock walls.

Social media storytelling favors all things visual. Marketers and business people who can tell their business stories through photos, videos and other visuals have a distinct advantage over others who use boring business-speak, jargon and dry text.

Pinterest is the perfect place to frame and share stories with your customers and clients.

What types of stories should you be telling your customers via Pinterest? Here are 5 ideas.

1) About you

Through pictures and videos, tell your audience about you and the people behind your company.

Where are you from? What moves you? Do you have an interesting travel story? Favorite books and music?

How does your office celebrate birthdays, casual Fridays, milestones? Give us a look into your office culture and what makes the company tick.

Drake on Pinterest

Drake on Pinterest

2) Background story

How did you start out? What challenges did you face? What are you most proud of?

Show some photos of the business when it started – the more retro and humorous, the better!

3) Impact story

Whether you are a B2B or a B2C company, people are the ones working with you on a daily basis. Tell their stories.

How are you making lives better or easier for your customers and clients? What kinds of pains are you alleviating for them?

Posting videos of happy customers and jubilant clients is the best marketing tool you can have.

Katy Perry on Pinterest

Katy Perry on Pinterest

4) Your difference

Delve a bit into what makes you unique. Why should I buy from you? Where do you get your products?

Are you proud to be organic? Locally sourced? Cruelty free? Create Group Pin Boards around your core differences and invite others to pin there as well.

5) Value stories

What are your company values? Trust, authenticity, loyalty? Customer service? Fun? Happiness? Community service?

Create Pin Boards around these topics to give your customers a better sense of what your company values.

Land O Lakes on Pinterest

Land O Lakes on Pinterest

In the coming months, I will be blogging for Maximize Social Business on topics that include how businesses can get the most from Pinterest, how to create great pins, what types of Pinterest boards to create, and how to get more traffic to your site using this innovative social networking tool.

About the Author:

Julia Campbell

This monthly Pinterest column is contributed by Julia Campbell. Julia helps nonprofits raise money and connect with supporters using websites, email marketing, social media and other online tools. A social media specialist, she is the Principal and Founder of J Campbell Social Marketing, a boutique digital marketing firm in Beverly, MA. Julia has been featured on MarketWatch, Alltop, Salon, Social Media Today, Forbes and Business 2 Community.

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