5 Startups That Will Help You Sleep


When it comes to sleep, a recent study concluded that seven hours is apparently better than eight. But what if quality, rather than quantity, is your problem? Wakefield brings us these five startups that are anything but a snooze.



Similar to how FitBit tracks your activity, Neybox Interactive’s Pillow for iOS tracks and optimizes your sleep habits. According to Wakefield:

“This iPhone app runs in the background while you sleep and uses algorithms to monitor movement and sound patterns. Best of all? It includes a native alarm that wakes you at the perfect time in your sleep cycle and comes with a napping assistant that helps put the “power” in “power nap”.”


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 1.11.03 PM

Comprised of three elements, Sense includes a Nest-like sensor that monitors room conditions, a Pill that clips to your pillow, and an app to interpret the data both sensors pull in.


Known as the Warby Parker of the sleep industry, the startup Casper offers just one firmness in varying sizes, free shipping, and—most importantly—gives you a 40-day risk-free sleep trial.

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle, like Casper, offers just one firmness and a 30-day trial with no-hassle returns in addition to free shipping. The difference here is a focus on craftsmanship, two tiers of thicknesses suitable for beds with or without box springs, and top honors as the number-one rated mattress on Amazon.


Shadow, this is an alarm clock and dream diary in one. Sensors offer a gentle transition from sleeping to waking, after which users are prompted to record information about their dreams.

To learn more about how technology is helping you sleep, read the full article on Wakefield here.

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