5 Social Media Stories You Missed This week [September 22-26, 2014]

Posted by Dana Kilroy on 26 Sep 2014 / 0 Comment

It’s officially Fall and for some, the change of seasons sends their heart all aflutter. If you’re a business owner, thinking about the impending holiday season might, instead, send you into a panic. If you fall into this category, relax! This week’s wrap-up includes some great holiday Facebook strategies that will help you enjoy the change of season. Not to mention other social media strategies to help you increase traffic, keep from losing traffic, and everything in between.

So, put on a pot of spiced cider and enjoy!

Brand Publishers Are Ditching Facebook in Favor of Microsites


Facebook certainly isn’t going away, but some brand publishers are pulling their brand marketing away from what they refer to as Facebook’s “rented space” and putting more content on “owned” microsites. Should your brand be making the move?

5 Unique Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic


We’re probably preaching to the choir when saying that consistent, quality content is gospel for building a strong blog following. If you’ve got that in-the-bag, here are some other, unique ways to increase your blog’s followers.

How to Make Your Own Infographic


Do you dream of sharing data in colorful, easy to digest infographics but are forced to keep your designated design dollars to a minimum? Then you’ll love this article loaded with ways to create your own infographics. The necessary tools start at the low, low cost of free.  

Are You Wasting Your Social Media Traffic?


You built a beautiful website, your content is awesome, but you could still be losing well deserved web traffic — up to 57% due to lagging load times! Read this article for ways to test and optimize your site to keep all that hard earned flow of traffic where it needs to be.

These 5 Facebook Strategies Will Prepare Your Business for the Holidays


The leaves have barely started changing colors but it’s time to start ramping up for the Holidays. Not to brag, but for ShortStack, holiday brainstorming started months ago. Since we’re already in the holiday spirit, we’re happy to share some of our best Facebook holiday strategies to help you get ready