5 Social Media Stories You Missed This Week [September 15-18, 2014]

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You don’t want to miss this week’s line-up of social media stories. They have the power to transform you into a social media master with super powers. And if you figure out how to somehow make your business’ post about “Prince Harry,” you may just achieve total world domination (in the world of social media, that is). Don’t believe me? Read on…

Time is of the Essence as Facebook Tweaks Algorithm Again

Facebook Tweaks Aglorithm

You now have a valid excuse to keep up on all the celebrity gossip unless you prefer to figure out how to subtly sneak the words “Grumpy Cat” into your social media posts. Facebook’s new algorithm favors the latest trending topics and floats them to the top like thick headline cream.

10 Tips for Mastering Facebook


Maybe you’ll never be a Jedi Master, or even Master of Kung Fu, but Facebook is something you can master with the help of these 10 tips. And with 1,500 posts coming through a user’s feed each day, to get yourself noticed will require you to go full Facebook ninja. May the force be with you.

3 social marketing tools that come with super powers

10 Tips for Mastering Facebook

They may not be faster than a speeding bullet or stronger than a locomotive, but when it comes to helping you with your social media posts, these tools will make you feel like you can fly.

How to Drive Traffic From Social Media Contests

3 Social Media Tools with Super Secret Powers

Social Media Contests are powerful marketing tools in engaging and building your audience, but which platform is best? And which tool is right for you? In a sea of options, let this article be your guide.

These 5 Facebook Strategies Will Prepare Your Business for the Holidays

Maximize Social Business

While it’s true big brands need more time to prep for the holidays because they’re operating at a large scale, there are still plenty of good reasons small businesses should start preparing for the season early too. This article has five strategies that will get you started.

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