5 Social Hiring Hints for Busy Managers


5 Social Hiring Hints for Busy Managers

Need to hire someone, but your recruitment request is buried in a stack in HR department? It’s time to take the hiring into your hands.

It may be time-consuming work if you are following the same path as your HR department.

It takes an average of 29 days to fill an open position using online job posting (mostly JobBoards). You’ll need to create a job description and answer each applicant’s inquiry, which maybe very time-consuming.

Here are 5 hints for social hiring made for busy managers.

1- Remember you have a team

You should have a network. As a busy manager, you might have already asked them if they know someone who can match your open position.

But what about your team? Who knows the skills and personality required to join your team better?

An employee is and will be your best brand ambassador. They know exactly what the job is and how to get it done. Personality is mostly ignored in the recruitment process. After all does HR know your team as well as you? No. If they create your job description, it may sound like a skills’ shopping list.

Humanize the job description by asking your team for help before at the same time you ask your HR department. With their help, you may get more qualified applicants, and take less time to fill the job. After all your employees would never suggest a resume that doesn’t match the job or people with the skills but wrong values.

They are the best matching tool you could ever find on the market.

Don’t forget to reward your employees

To recruit effectively and reduce recruitment costs by using social referrals, it is important to consider the sensitivity of your employees. Rewards must be for small steps; not just for success.

A strategy too exclusively focused on pure performance has been widely applied in the United States. It has resulted in a gradual demoralization: some employees, discouraged, will no longer participate because they never win.

2 – Propose some serious gaming

The higher the stakes, the better the game.

However, the game takes on its full meaning when it amplifies the collective action. Observe the social impact of games like Angry Birds or Candy Crush (just look around you on the subway).

Now imagine your employees use the same energy to open their address book to help your company to recruit …

3- Communicate your needs

Talk with your employees, let them know the progress, and then thanking them for participating. This will motivate more than any rewards.

As your new brand ambassadors, they may take their role seriously and share information about your values and culture. They are concerned with your image, because nobody wants to work for a company that has a poor public image.

Your employees are the guardians of your reputation, and they can have a major positive or negative impact on your recruitment.

4- Don’t rely only on your employees; get engaged

Even if your employees are bringing in most of your applicants and future employees, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to communicate by other avenues.

Candidates need more than just a simple job offer, sometimes your employees won’t have the time to explain the job position, company’s culture and values. You need to communicate about the job position on your own social media pages. Remember: each social network has its own purpose. Don’t forget to update your career pages, and close all job offers once they are filled. If you don’t, your employees could become disengaged. They trust you enough to recruit for you; don’t let them down.

Because your employees have the same values as yours, they will only propose applicants with personalities that are a match, reducing time and energy for HR, and creating a real team spirit plus long term positive image for your company.

5-  Choose the right tool

Instead of old-school recruiting tools, you must select a new tool. The old model is time consuming for your HR department as well as your employees, and no one wants to decrease their productivity to reduce the recruitment budget.

There are plenty of new software programs, mostly in Saas version available in recruitment: Gild for the developer, or Zao for all profiles. Some of them include matching tools too like Fairwa.re.

If you recruit abroad, laws change from country to country. Some laws protect the individuals’ data. Meaning you can’t ask your employees to upload the resume of the applicant. An applicant would have to grant authority first, or, through the tools.

A social referral tool will allow you to post your job offer, invite your employee to the software, and, with features like serious gaming and reward program, motivate them to share your offers on their own social networks.

So why outsource candidate sourcing when your employees are your best recruiters?

About the Author:

Laurianne Laval

This monthly Social Recruiting column is contributed by Laurianne Laval. Laurianne is Public Relations Manager at myjobcompany.com. She blogs to show brands how to use social media in their recruitment. She writes to share her thoughts on the social recruitment field and to help readers to set up social recruitment strategy. She loves old school video games, superheroes and Alaska.

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