5 Reasons Your Business Should Consider A New Site In 2015


2015: a year predicted to be one of challenges for Google, opportunities for mobile marketers and for you and your business, it may just be the year that your website really starts working for you, that is if you’re already ahead of the game and have the following bases covered.

1. You’re (seriously) missing out on mobile customers

Is your website mobile ready? If not, you’re missing out… big time.

2014 marked a much anticipated milestone within the website design work, and that was that mobile browsing passed above and beyond the amount of browsing undertaken on the desktop. This then means, for the websites that are mobile ready, there are more customers to convert than ever before, but for the website that isn’t mobile ready, it means that there are more visitors to lose.

What’s more research has consistently shown that mobile customers are more ready, willing and indeed even impatient to convert to a paying customer (which should pretty much be considered as the ideal visitor to your website).

2. The web never sleeps

Design continues apace… is your website looking like the trend that went out in 2010?

Web site design continues to evolve a pace, and whilst you needn’t refresh your design as often as the seasonal trends change, you do need to ensure that your online presence is doing your brand image justice. Nobody wants a site like one of these.

3. You may have committed a social faux pas

Didn’t consider your social interactivity when your website was designed?

Few businesses can afford to ignore the ever growing power of social media, and with the savviest of businesses designing their user experience around social integration, it may well be time to rethink how your website promotes and integrates into your social media marketing strategy. According to YourvirtualofficeLondon only a fraction of businesses involved with them consider it an important factor before being told.

4. Your story could be told more creatively than ever before

Are you sitting comfortably?

Your website is your star sales representative that never goes home; it is your always open virtual shop, and if your product or services could benefit from creative storytelling, rather than the traditional and oh so boring static web pages, then 2015 is the year that your tale will be heard. This is down to a merging of graceful technologies that are capable of impressive animations and a trend that will see new websites taking a decided shift towards linear storytelling.

5. You don’t receive the leads that you should

And your Google Analytics is telling a sorry story

Do you receive a good amount of sales leads form your website consistently? If not you should ask yourself why, after all, what else is a website for but to increase business?

Whilst the reasons behind poor performance can be wide and varied, it generally comes down to poor web site design, whether that be through usability issues, or technical problems such as your website taking an age to load, the result are the same, and that is lost business. A good website design company will be able to analyse the issues, and explain how, with a new website, you could see the results that an effective website should reap.

These tips should help you reap rewards from your website in 2015 and can be a notable benefit to your business.

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