5 Instagram To-Dos to Engage More Followers


Gone are the days when Twitter and Facebook were the only social networking platforms where business and its customers can share the same platform. Thanks to the modern technology, nowadays there are at least a handful social media sites that can help businesses bring their persona in front of its audience. These sites include:-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin and
  • Instagram

These sites can help you get closer to your audience and engage them. However, the art of engagement is not the same for each of these sites. Each of these sites has their unique style of engagement. Don’t believe it? Let us take a closer look.

In Twitter, you are allowed just 140 characters to tell your story. On the other hand, Pinterest and Instagram allow you to engage your audience with a beautiful picture. Facebook and LinkedIn will let you the share posts, video’s, podcasts, images, and can even ask your audience question through voting.

Instagram is the newest addition to the list of top social media platforms. Therefore, some businesses are yet to figure out how to best use Instagram to their benefits. So we bring them the ultimate cheat sheet. Here is a five-pointer list of To-Dos:

  1. Select a theme: Do you know what separates a civilian Instagram user from a professional Instagram user? It is their themes. While the professionals find a color palette and stick to it, the amateur’s just experiment with different color palette resulting in a riot of colors that are not in sync with the rest of the account. So, think of a content theme and a color palette, and stick to it.
  2. Say ‘hi’ to hashtags: like any other social media platform, Instagram also uses hashtags. No, we are not saying that you should overstuff each caption with no less than ten hashtags. Instead, try using them sensibly. Adding them to a comment below the post is not a bad idea either. This will make your post easier to be found. Remember, when it comes to Instagram, Hashtags are your friend.
  3. Instagram Hashtag: #cute#cute : hashtag has appeared on more than 258 million posts! (Source @babies)

  4. Make the best use of your arsenal: Use all the Instagram tools available. Tag people and geo-locate your posts and broaden its reach. This will help you gain new customers.
  5. Exercise careful curation: if you intend to use Instagram as a place to dump your photos, well, think again. You may want to use Afterlight or VSCO Cam apps to thoughtfully improve your photos, so they look as professional as possible. Also, whereas with Facebook, the more posts, the better, here you will only annoy your followers by posting a bunch of photos at once. Take things slow – One post per day is sufficient.
  6. image editing app

  7. Arrange contests: Instagram is a great platform for contests. Offering your followers giveaways and asking them to share visual content that either you’ve created or they create themselves with a unique hashtag, will do the trick. It’s a great way to get followers involved and aid brand exposure.
  8. Instagram contest Drinkwel Drinkwel does a weekly contest that also asks entrants to tag a friend.

Besides these 5 tips you can also use your imagination and create something even more interesting and engaging.