5 Games You Should Play This Weekend


God of Blades

Fans of old science fiction novels and beautiful artwork will immensely enjoy God of Blades, a hack-and-slash iOS game released by new studio White Whale Games this week.

You take control of The Nameless King, a spirit who has been resurrected to save the galaxy from an evil army. You swing a variety of gigantic, super-charged swords at approaching foes, and must use a variety of swordplay techniques and timing to dispatch them. The controls are perfect for a mobile device; the king automatically runs forward, so players only have to focus on swordplay.

One of the best features of this game is the artwork. The backgrounds were hand-painted and imported, and channels the pulp sci fi world perfectly. There are also Foursquare features for the title: checking in to libraries allows you to unlock cooler swords.

God of Blades is compatible with almost all iOS devices, and is a steal at $ 2.99. [iTunes link]

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