5 Easy Ways To Stop Being Busy


Often, busyness is seen as a status symbol that makes us feel important and assures us that we matter in this world because we must do so many things. However, busyness doesn’t mean you are productive, but rather is a sign of inefficiency and often detracts from your quality of life. But Busyness is avoidable. Superhero You has shared a few tips on how to stop being busy, here are a few of our favorites:

1. Relax.

Build free time into your day. Relaxation relieves stress, lets you enjoy the moment and improves your problem-solving skills.

2. Figure out your ideal day.

Write out what your perfect day looks like, then work towards it. Schedule everything, even personal time, so you can fit everything in.

3. Let it go.

Pick the activities that matter the most to you, and stop feeling guilty about stopping your other commitments. You only get one life. Do what you love with it.

4. Stay focused.

Batch similar busywork tasks together, and schedule bigger activities for long blocks at a time. If you’re a chronic multitasker, schedule 45 minutes/day to focus on one task for a week and see how much you get done.

5. Enjoy your solitude.

Recognize that you are enough as you are, and learn to enjoy your own company.

Life is too short to be busy. To find out all the ways you can learn to stop being busy, check out the full piece here.

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