5 easy tricks to maximize your nap




A good nap is like hitting a reset button.

If you’re feeling exhausted or gearing up for a big night, napping can boost your alertness, improve your mood and reduce fatigue. But go about your nap the wrong way, and you’ll mess up your sleep schedule and feel groggy afterward.

There are tons of little tips and tricks you can employ to make sure you get the best nap possible. Here are five quick ways to boost your daily siesta

1. Take ‘coffee naps.’


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Caffeine before sleep defies all logic, but sometimes science defies logicAccording to scientists, a quick “coffee nap” can be more effective than regular naps. If you have some caffeine — that is, a quick cuppa — before a 20-minute nap, the caffeine will kick in by the time you’re awake Read more…

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