The summer season is well underway and it is a wonderful time of year. There is an uplifting, vibrant energy in the air, the days are warmer and the sun graces us with its presence. As the weather changes, we do tend to want different colours and textures in our homes, and with every new season there are bound to be new trends for us to follow. This summer is no different and we have every reason to welcome a fresh and updated look for the coming months.

When it comes to interiors and homes, bright colourful palettes, sleek finishes, cool textures and light airy fabrics are the way to go this season. Revamping your home doesn’t need to be overwhelming or expensive. YOu can give your surroundings a boost quite simply by focusing on the key areas that can make a big difference in the appearance and ambience of your home once slight adjustments are made.

Take a look at my five easy tips on how to update your home’s interior for the season:


Accessories Anna Dodonovik

Let’s start with one of my favourites! Accessories are a great way to incorporate style and colour without dramatically overhauling or adding permanent elements. Small statement additions to the coffee table or cabinet can really make all the difference, enliven a space and lift the mood to create a summery atmosphere. This season I recommend something different and unique which provides great conversation starters for guests. Bold colours, patterns, geometric shapes and even quirky additions like pineapple shaped ornaments or an Alexandra Von Furstenberg acrylic box are all hot accessories for the summer.

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