5 Brands Rocked Facebook Engagement in June – Here’s How They Did It

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5 Brands Rocked Engagement in June

Do you know what it takes to be a top performer on Facebook?

Each month Social Bakers releases a social media analytics report that features the top performing businesses of the month.

The studies focus on the following numbers:

• Top 5 industries by Sum of Fans
• Top 5 Facebook Brands
• Top 5 Facebook Media
• Top 5 Twitter Brands by Followers
• Top 5 Twitter Brands by Interactions
• Top 5 YouTube Brands by Uploaded Video Views
• Top 5 YouTube Brands by Subscribers
• Top 5 Facebook Brands by Post Engagement Rate
• Top 5 Socially Devoted Facebook Brands

Seeing as a majority of our readers are interested in Facebook, we’re going to focus on the Top 5 Facebook Brands by Post Engagement Rate.

Waggin’ Train Dog Treats was number one on the list for the month of June with 60% engagement rate. Yes you read that correctly, 60% engagement rate!

So how’d they do it?

In this post we’re going to take a look at the Waggin’ Train Dog Treats and four other top pages and focus on what all businesses can learn from their engagement.

Let’s get started!

Waggin’ Train Dog Treats

Waggin' Train Dog Treats

People love their animals, they love talking about them, uploading photos of them, and liking other people’s photos of their pets.

All of that aside, Waggin’ Train Dog Treats is doing a few notable things on their Facebook Page that is helping them reach 60% engagement on their Posts.

Their posts are short and to the point. A recent infographic from KISSmetrics suggests that posts with 80 characters or less get 66% more engagement.

Waggin’ Train Dog Treats keeps all of their posts between 70-110 characters. In addition they are usually one or two short sentences only taking up one to two lines of space.

They’re smart with hashtags. It’s fair to say most of us have a love/hate relationship with Facebook hashtags.

We want to love them because they have proven powerful on other networks like Twitter, but Facebook hasn’t quite adjusted their platform to really use them to their full potential.

Either way, Waggin’ Train Dog Treats is using them properly and to their benefit. They aren’t using hashtags just to use them, they use them in relevant situations, which most likely enhances their reach.

Waggin' Treats

They ask questions. In nearly every post they make Waggin’ Train Dog Treats asks their audience a question.

Whether it’s some insight on their best canine friend’s habits or what they’re doing for the upcoming weekend the questions are easy to answer, making fans want to respond.

They use “dog” talk. Waggin’ Train Dog Treats alternates between posting as humans and as “dogs.”

Speaking from an animals point of view is common for animal pages but businesses can incorporate this into their posts as well.

If you’re a restaurant owner you could post a picture of a pasta dish with the status “I like being tossed with some butter, garlic and shrimp.” What’s your favorite way to have pasta?

DeKuyper USA


DeKuyper USA sells a variety of cordials, liqueurs, cremes, brandies and schnapps. They’re using their Facebook Page for one sole purpose; to provide their fans with recipes and ideas for using their products.Each time that DeKuyper posts on Facebook they include a beautiful photo with a recipe on it.


The recipes explain how to use one of their products, mixed with other general shopping items, to make a delicious beverage.The recipes are short and since they’re right across the photo, fans are quick to share them with their friends.Each photo has the DeKuyper logo on it so that each time their posts get shared there’s no question who the brand is. DeKuyper also keeps their status updates short and sweet and each post includes a link to the recipe online.

DeKuyper USA

How can your business benefit from this strategy?

If you’re a realtor, try posting a photo of a home with the main details (beds/bath/square foot/price) right on the image. Put your logo on it with a post that states “Shopping around for a new home? Or know someone who is? Check out this house!”

Operation In Touch


Just like animals, the online world loves a good military support Page. Their fans tend to be passionate and engaging, making it a good target niche.Operation In Touch has a few unique things going for them that are aiding in their engagement rates.For one, they’ve created a series called “Operation Inspiration” where they post inspirational quotes.The quotes are branded, bold and easy to read.Even though numerous businesses post inspirational quotes, Operation In Touch has added their individual branding to the quotes, making them unique and memorable. These types of posts get shared often and when they are branded as such they appear unique in the News Feed.

Operation Inspiration

Operation In Touch also utilizes Facebook’s tagging feature. In nearly every post they create they tag a person or another business.The key to successfully tagging businesses and people in posts is to not do it just to do it.

Only tag someone when it’s relevant and you feel their audience would benefit from seeing your content that includes them.

A few additional things that Operation In Touch does that brings them great engagement is run giveaways and continually post general tips to live a happy and healthy life.

Operation In Touch

There were two more businesses on the list of the brands with the best engagement in June, Principal Financial Group and Sheraton Waikiki. Both businesses are playing to their audiences and providing them with information they want to see.

Principal Financial Group posts a variety of valuable tips and educational materials about finances.

Sheraton Waikiki posts beautiful pictures of the Hawaii beach. Who doesn’t wish they were on a beach right now?!

In conclusion, it doesn’t take a huge following or the perfect product to see great engagement rates on Facebook. All of these businesses have less than 100,000 Facebook Fans.

The key is using short posts, great images and providing value to your followers.

Do you have something unique that brings great engagement to your page? Share it with us in the comments!