5 Awesome Podcasts from Social Media Experts You Should Listen to Now…Or Later


5 Awesome Podcasts from Social Media Experts You Should Listen to Now...Or Later

Podcasts aren’t new, but in 2014 they came back in a really big way. 2014 saw the first podcasts “celebrity” emerge in Sarah Koenig, the host and producer of Serial, a spin-off of NPR show/podcast This American Life. Serial drew millions and millions of listeners and begot fan podcasts, hundreds of blog posts, and one of the greatest subreddits the world will ever see.

And as the “a rising tide…” saying goes, social media sites started filling up with “5 Podcasts You Should Listen to Now” and “Best Podcasts That Aren’t Serial” posts. And for good reason. There are so many great podcasts out there on so many different topics! Well, it’s 2015, a new year and a time to recharge your social media knowledge. Here’s my version of “5 Podcasts,” for social media professionals like yourselves.

Feel free to click and subscribe to these great podcasts as you scroll through them. And remember, the great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere and at anytime; while you’re on the treadmill, walking the dog, or in your car. Or while you’re at work! You can listen now…or later. Listen to podcasts by subscribing through TuneIn or Stitcher, downloading to your computer or phone through iTunes, or listening directly from the podcasts’ websites themselves.

  1. Social Media Marketing Podcast

This first choice is a no-brainer. Brought to you by the good people of The Social Media Examiner, and hosted by Social Media Examiner CEO Michael Stelzner, this podcast brings you interviews with leading social media marketers and tips for social media and marketing in general. Episodes are about 45 minutes each.

Suggested Episode: As of this writing, the most recent episode is called “Why Marketers Are Betting on Podcasts.” It’s a fascinating interview. You’ll notice one of the guests is the host of the Social Pros podcast, which I recommend later in this post.

  1. Social Media Podcast with Jon Loomer

Ok, so this isn’t the most creatively-named podcast, but Jon Loomer does this podcast in a very creative way. Jon calls his podcasts “pubcasts,” complete with brewpub background noise. He usually speaks on social media topics by himself, without and interview, and the episodes lasts 13-30 minutes. He drinks a beer during each interview, and talks about what beer he drinks before he dives into the subject matter. So crack one open and enjoy!

Suggested Episode: This episode on public speaking is a great one to listen to. Interesting subject and shows off his laid-back attitude. Also ties back to Michael Stelzner and Social Media Marketing World.

  1. Maximize Your Social with Neal Schaffer

So, full disclosure here: Neal Schaffer is behind this very website, and I produce this podcast, so I’m a little biased. But I think it’s a great look into the mind of a social media expert and leader. Neal’s shows are usually 10-20 minutes, and are often solo affairs where Neal dives into a topic, giving listeners valuable tips and insider examples. If you dig into the podcasts, you’ll find a few interviews with other social media experts, usually taped in a bar or other lively setting.

Suggested Episode: A recent episode about focus in the New Year, check out the 9 Things to Focus Your Social Media Efforts on in 2015.

  1. Social Pros Podcast

The Social Pros podcast brings you hour-long interviews with the social media managers and experts at big brands and companies throughout the US and the world. Their tagline is “Real People doing Real Work in Social Media.” For those of you who work for big brands in social, this is a great way to learn from your peers. For those that own businesses looking to do more in social, you may find your next Social Media Manager from this podcast. And for any social media expert, it’s a great way to find out what is going through the minds of these big brands when it comes to social media engagement.

Suggested Episode: You should not pass up the opportunity to listen to this episode with Guy Kawasaki!

  1. Inside Social Media

Host Rick Mulready interviews social media experts for big brands and distills the lessons learned for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. It’s nice to hear from the big brands while getting tips that would be useful for anybody! Episodes are 45 minutes to an hour and usually include an interview with a social media manager or expert.

Suggested Episode: Although this show hasn’t posted a new episode since May 2014, this episode about hyper-local social media is a gem.

I hope you enjoy these podcasts, and find one that speaks to you! Podcasts are great because they give a more personal and immediate feel to content then blog posts or other written content. After listening to the Social Media Marketing Podcast, for instance, you might feel like you know Michael Stelzner personally!

Do you have a social media podcast that you’re crazy about? Let me know about it in the comments!

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