4 Visual Marketing Ideas to Boost Twitter Engagement



Are you using images within your social media updates? Would you like to know how to increase engagement by using visual marketing?

There’s no doubt about it, visual media has changed the way we create, share and consume online content. No matter the social network, graphics have inundated our online lives.

While Twitter might have been slow to the visual party, marketers were quick to embrace the trend.
Especially as the data began to roll in. Not only do studies show that visual marketing captures attention, but it also drives traffic and boosts awareness.

In an A/B test by Hubspot, it was found that tweets with images  receive 150% more retweets, 18% more click-throughs, and 89% more favorites.

Those are startling statistics and proof that visual marketing is not just a trend, but also a verifiable movement.

So, how can you incorporate graphics to better position your tweets to stand out in the stream?

Below are four ways you can effectively add visual content to your Twitter marketing!

Visual Marketing Ideas to Boost Twitter Engagement

  1. Add a Clear Call to Action

What makes people take action? Clearly articulating what step you’d like them to take. Whether it’s a click, retweet, sign up or comment, never leave that action to chance.

Just as in traditional marketing, you can’t assume your Twitter followers know how they’re supposed to interact or engage with your business.

Are you sharing a graphic with a link to your latest blog post? Maybe it’s an announcement about an upcoming product launch. Whatever the case, show (and tell) what the next step is.

As an example, you’re sharing an invitation to an upcoming webinar. Simply tweeting an image without a clear call to action is a missed opportunity.

Instead, add a teaser in your tweet with a call to action (CTA) in your graphic.

It might look something like this:

Here’s another example from IGN. This simple tweet clearly shows the objective; tease Game of Thrones fans with a glimpse into what is and what isn’t coming their way in 2015.

As you can see, adding a call to action along an appealing image is an excellent way to get people to take that next step.

The key is to offer something of substantial value and then follow through with content on the other side of the link.

Otherwise, you will be labeled a spammy marketer and no one wants to own that title.

  2. Tell Your Company Story

Let’s face it, Twitter users move quickly. If you don’t find a way to capture their attention, your content is quickly lost.

Telling your unique story is one of the best ways to stand out in a crowded Twitter stream.

Here are a few ways to share your story on Twitter:

  • Understand your competitive advantage and leverage that within Tweet graphics. Share what you do, how you do it and what sets you apart.
  • Explain your “Why.” Why did you start the business, why are you passionate about the people you serve and why is your product/service right for consumers?
  • Express your business’s personality through informative, educational and entertaining tweets. A company who consistently excels at this is Oreo. Their sense of humor shines through and has allowed them to cut through the clutter and gain a loyal Twitter following.

 3. Incorporate Video into Your Tweets

Adding videos is another effective way to create interaction and drive engagement. This example from Ileane Smith breaks down the formula to a captivating video tweet.

  • Create an eye-catching custom thumbnail
  • Share advice and solve the problems of your target audience
  • Keep it topical, informative and educational

Another example comes from Hootsuite. They expertly used video to tie their most recent blog post in to one of the most quoted movie moments of all time.

What can you learn from their use of video? Keep it simple. An engaging video does not have to be long or complicated; it just needs to resonate with your followers.

  4. Brand Your Business

Simply Measured recently revealed how the Top 100 brands are using Twitter. Within their findings are many takeaways for small businesses. The biggest uptick was in their use of visual marketing. In fact, tweets with photos made up 45% of their sent tweets, but actually accounted for 51% of all engagement. That’s over half of all engagement combined. tweet images

It’s evident they see the value in images. From Disney to Kohl’s, brands are finding success in transitioning their voice and style to a captive online audience. Want to know how you can use this concept in your business? Just take a look at Moz and how they have incorporated all aspects of their business into Twitter graphics. Whether it’s the Moz blog or a Mozinar, you know exactly what you’re getting based on the visual accompanying their tweet.

Final Thoughts

Adding images into your Twitter marketing mix does not have to be time consuming to be effective.

Take a look at your current content. What is evergreen and what could be repurposed?

Share tips from past articles or quotes from a presentation. Then batch create several images at a time and schedule tweets into Sprout Social, Hootsuite or your Twitter tool of choice.

Twitter visual marketing can be highly effective in boosting awareness and increasing interaction, engagement and shares.

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