4 Steps To A More Productive Business Meeting (Infographic)


Most of us know how time consuming, stressful and costly business meetings can be. To put that into perspective, in the United States we waste over $ 37 billion in unnecessary meetings each year and have over 11 million business meetings each day.

Since meetings are the backbone to successful business communications, we can’t just forget about them – but with proper planning and guidance, you can turn a dreadful meeting into a short and productive one, allowing you more time in a busy work-day.

Take a look at the Infographic below, highlighting 4 tips for an effective meeting along with more statistics on US-based business meetings, created by Refresh – an iOS and web app that helps you discover common ground for better conversations. What has helped you and your business achieve a more efficient meeting? Share your insight in the comments below.

4 Steps To A More Productive Business Meeting (Infographic) image Meetings Infographic m

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