4 Shifts In Retail, Millennials, and Our Smartphone Technology


Smartphones are now a staple for Americans. They’re used to send messages, get directions, take pictures, and everything in between. Smartphones are used when we shop as well. We take a picture of an item, and ask a friend if he or she likes it. These are just some of the ways smartphones are changing retail stores, experiences, and how we shop. According to analysts, online retail is set to change because of smartphone use, especially among Millennials. Here’s why and how:

1. Applications do more than bring up websites

Certain mobile apps provide shopping assistants to help you identify new styles, and retailers have the opportunity to be at the forefront of these trends. During a shopping era like today, when customers might see new products at your store, and then decide to seek them our at a different retailer, or perhaps online, providing your customers unique and valuable opportunities is increasingly important. Not to mention that roughly 41% of customers use mobile apps while shopping.

2. Coupons and Payments From Your Phone

You can get matchzup.com coupons from your smartphone. All you need is the app to have your in-store coupons ready to go. Beyond coupons, paying with your phone is easy to do as well. 14% of customers would prefer to pay by their phone if the option existed at the store, and this trend is expected to increase more and more over the next few years.

3. Online search is growing

75% of American customers search online prior to going to a store. They either buy from online sites, or they have the research all documented before even entering the store. Most of these individuals complete research from their phones too. In the past, retailers could convince customers to come to the store with special sales and targeted advertising, but with the technology and innovation online today, that approach can no longer fly.

4. Millennials are connected

Millennials watch less television and read fewer books, and instead spend more time on tablets, phones and laptops. They want retailers and stores to be as tech-friendly as possible, which mean nearly 90% of Millennials will buy from a store that is up-to-date on their mobile applications. Today, 2 billion people are considered to be Millennials, and these individuals represent half of all retail spending.

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