3 Ways Social Media Can Change Political Analysis


There is a new poll in town taking political analysis to another level. Politicians looking to measure popularity now have TrendPo, a D.C.-based technology company headquartered in San Francisco that has bolstered social media monitoring.

Founded in 2012, TrendPo created a complex algorithm that factors in online public sentiment, Facebook likes, and Twitter mentions along with traditional news to rank how politicians and issues perform relative to each other. TrendPo provides a daily favorability poll of politicians and issues while measuring the effectiveness and impact of their political messaging campaigns.

TrendPo’s approach incorporates three key tools that can open the doors to a new market for political analysis bolstered through social media.

  1. Data Relevancy.
  2. TrendPo’s advantage lies in its ability to use relevant and influential verticals as well as other buzz to track and amass data on the social media footprint of organizations, issues and politicians.

  3. Translation.
  4. Tweets, Likes and Mentions do not provide any value in this political analysis unless they are collectively analyzed and compared to build unique predictions.

  5. Customization.
  6. TrendPo also tailors daily reports for clients through information on who is clicking related links to a certain politician, issue on Facebook or Twitter, and news reports on specific politicians that receive online buzz.

A recent study conducted by the University of Indiana indicates that there is a indisputable connection between the number of mentions a candidate receives through Twitter and probability that they will win their race.

Using tweets from the 2010 House election, researchers found ”a strong correlation between a candidate’s ‘tweet share’ and the final two-party vote share, especially when we account for a district’s economic, racial and gender profile.”

This data was key in accurately predicting the winner in 404 out of 406 races.

What can we expect?

Because nationwide polls are expensive and Twitter analytics are more accessible and simple, this creative approach to analysis gives social media platforms a potent reach across the scope of American society.

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