3 Tips for Setting Up a Social Writing Portfolio [Podcast]


On today’s social media edition of the Morning Media Menu, GalleyCat editor Jason Boog talked about Contently, a new social platform where writers can showcase their stories and social shares.

Explained Contently cofounder Shane Snow via email, “I recommend several best practices when setting up an online writing portfolio, several of which PORTFOLIO+ does for you.” Here are the top three:

1. “Display the logos of prominent publications you’ve written for, show your best work first, link up your social accounts, and don’t neglect good design.”

2. “Then, make sure to update your portfolio regularly. Editors want to see what you’ve written recently in addition to your best-of clips.”

3. “Editors also look for writers who have multiple clips at a given publication; in fact, having just one story at a prominent publication can actually look bad, as it could suggest the editor wasn’t happy enough with your work to publish you again. So, if you have multiple clips at a publication, show them all rather than just your #1 favorite clip.”

Press play below to listen. The show was hosted by GalleyCat editor Jason Boog. Click here to receive the Morning Social Media Newsfeed via email. Image by prapass via Shutterstock. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

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