3 Social Media Functions SEO Tools Can Help With


3 Social Media Functions SEO Tools Can Help With

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of UpCity. All opinions are 100% mine.

Social media success relies on managing a plethora of tasks including curating content, being responsive to engagement, and proactively building a community that will aid you in case you ever have a social media crisis.  While many marketers are looking for social media-specific tools to help them with these and many other tasks, most don’t realize that often your SEO team can help you by sharing insight that they can gather from their SEO tools.  There are many SEO tools that exist including Moz, Raven, Majestic SEO, et. al.  While each of these SEO tools will have different capabilities vis a vis social media, here are three ways you can use one of the leading SEO tools, UpCity, to augment your social media efforts.

Backlink Checkers to Find Influencers, Build Relationships and Prevent Crises

UpCity SEO Tools Backlinks Checker

SEOs continuously look for backlinks and gather them to measure and monitor performance.  UpCity features a built in backlink checker to make their lives easier. For those of you not familiar with the term, backlink checker tools crawl the Internet to find sites and people that link to you.

By talking to your SEO team and having them send a report with all of the blogs, media outlets, etc. that have links pointing towards your company, you will now have access to website owners, companies and brands that talk about you, mention you and have either a good or bad opinion of your company and brand.

From a reputation management perspective, here you can reach out and add them to your list of domains that you check regularly for potential negative content and address issues before they rank in the search engines or the wrong person finds and shares them.  On the other hand, if they are positive mentions of your company, you can also work on getting more exposure from them by cultivating a relationship with them.

Social Traffic Summaries & Data Driven Reports

UpCity SEO Tools Social Media Traffic Summaries

UpCity offers an integration with Google Analytics to pull key metrics for both SEO and social traffic within one consolidated view. This provides a snapshot of various websites’ top organic and social traffic sources, while also displaying the change in traffic over specific periods of time.

By having this data you can now show and monitor the impact that organic and viral social media has with ROI and data driven metrics.

This also helps you to show your clients or company how your role is vital to the overall financial health and stability of other channels.  Having data to provide and show results in a clean and easy-to-understand report/interface is one of the things that social media marketers should expect from SEO tools.

Submitting and Tracking Your Accounts on Major & Up-And-Coming Social Sites

UpCity SEO Tools Social Media Site Management

One of the biggest time savers that SEO tools like UpCity can help you with is keeping track of what accounts you have and where you are in the process of going live on others.  UpCity continuously updates their database of social sites and even takes it a step further.

Once you are logged in, UpCity provides you with detailed descriptions about the social networking sites and provides you with a quick and easy step-by-step solution to create accounts and track when they are live.

Having all of the major social sites, as well as up and coming networks, in one place and with easy submission tools saves you time and helps the SEO team with Online Reputation Management.  You’ll also have access to new sites that are taking off so you don’t have to keep searching as they appear online.

Now you can protect your brand from someone taking your name as well as benefit the other members on your marketing team in an affordable and easy-to-use tool.

Using SEO tools like UpCity are a great way to help you save time and maximize your return as a social media marketer.  You can find new brand evangelists, help to prevent reputation management issues while also finding new places to build an engaged audience and protect your brand.  You can try UpCity for free by clicking on this link.

(Note: If you want to read more about the relationship of SEO and social media, read Jessica Rogers‘ excellent post SEO, Cross-departmental Communication and the Extinct Career in Social Media?

Have you collaborated with your SEO team to aid in your social media marketing efforts? What are your preferred SEO tools that you use in your social media marketing? Please share your experiences with us!

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