3 Security Risks You’re Taking Every Day While Using Social Media

3 Security Risks You’re Taking Every Day While Using Social Media

Social media is everywhere these days. What started as an amusing online pastime is now one of the main ways in which people communicate with one another.

However, as should be expected with over 2 billion people using a service, with the increased popularity of social media has also come increased risks. In fact, most people do not know just how much of a risk they are facing on social media every day. Here are three of the most common.

1. Phishing and Baiting

These are the terms that are used to describe an array of different techniques that hackers use to gain your personal information online. They will bait you using seemingly legitimate links and messages, and attempt to get you to enter sensitive information. One of the most common forms of phishing right now is called “click-jacking,” wherein cybercriminals will disguise their corrupted link underneath a legitimate one, so that you mistakenly click on theirs.

Malvertising is another common problem, where malicious links will be disguised as seemingly legitimate advertisements.

2. Weak Security

Many of the most common social networks have come under fire in recent years for their lax cyber security. Big name sites such as Facebook and Linkedin have been compromised, losing the personal information of many users to cybercriminals. Furthermore, the recently discovered Heartbleed bug highlighted the weak nature of many of the biggest websites around, despite what you may have previously thought. If hackers can gain access to a friend’s account, they will use it to steal that information, impersonate them, and then trick others into giving theirs.

3. Oversharing

The third big problem that social media users face is one of the biggest problems that faces anyone in any walk of life: human error. The whole nature of social media is one that encourages people to share everything. And anyone who is even a casual user of social media can tell you that oversharing is a common occurrence. Cybercriminals will use this to their advantage, and it is often the root of problems such as fraud.

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