3 Reasons To Use The Psychology of Fellowship for Social Media


3 Reasons To Use The Psychology of Fellowship for Social Media

We are naturally drawn to people.

Like the wildlife around us we flock, gather, congregate, and engage in social surroundings because we are pulled like magnets to others.

This is a good thing for your social marketing.

There are people out there right now that need to know what you have to offer.  Many times the strategies aligned around this technique cover lots of options and the word “engagement” is one of them.

I want to talk about three reasons why you should be using the fellowship strategy for your social media to help your business thrive online.  Fellowship marketing is when you can build on your Dunbar’s number to cultivate the people that are the most important out of THAT number that will help you grow a more targeted audience.

#1: Facilitate the Conversations

There is no one I know that uses social media for business that doesn’t want people to like them. It’s an innate trait that comes with wanting to fit in to the crowd while yet preaching why it’s good to be original.

These people are not hypocrites, but when you begin to talk about change everyone knows what you mean. They’ve read the books and listened to the podcasts. However, when you begin to implement change, that’s another story.

So, people know they need to stand out, to be different online, all the while wanting to be accepted by their social media peers. It’s an oxymoron for the simple reason that it’s so hard to do.

This is the conversation that you can bring about to people that are on the fence about your business or brand plan. This is part of the fellowship that you should be cultivating. The change that you can show people and how you can help them achieve that goal.

The conversation can happen anywhere.

There is not a single soul on social media that doesn’t know they need to change or to stand out. This is where your services can come in. By understanding the conversation through certain social listening strategies, you can push the odds in your favor to begin to have that conversation sooner rather than later.

That one person that needs help is the person you should be targeting right now. Your business model, while the dream may be big, the accuracy of the target is important as well. Start conversing with individuals to begin to strengthen the fellowship with your brand. This will build trust and longevity to your business over time.

#2: Create The Connection

There is a flight path that you have to follow when you want to build repertoire for your business on social media.

  • The Conversation
  • The Connection
  • The Engagement
  • The Trust Factor
  • The Relationship

Of course, people are different and there will be some that you will have to cultivate longer, and even some that will start to let you in right away.  There is also the fact that your first impression with someone may build a wall or a door to opportunity.

The connection is the best plan of action to help you build that road to the relationship which will, in turn, create a strong fellowship.

The connection can happen anywhere, and it’s important to understand that you have this opportunity to start connecting with people every day on social.  That is why the social media purpose plan is crucial to a successful strategy.

It’s easy to get sidetracked with your online business as you start branching out and doing your work, and sometimes you forget about the simple things that can launch your career into the next level.

To find the perfect person to start this process with is not a simple task.  Which is why some people leave it alone and let the cards fall where they may hoping that person will find THEM instead of the other way around.

Sometimes you’ve got to get down in the trenches and hunt for that needle in the haystack!

This also reminds me of how someone searches for that significant other in their lives.  It is the compatibility factor that all business are hunting for.  Once you find that person, do what comes natural because people love to be needed or catered to.

To be active on social media, so you can find these people is a daunting task to be sure, but the rewards are great for your business.

In the psychology arena, you are taking a person who has a legitimate need, and are fulfilling that need with a legitimate source-your business, your brand, or simply you.

Connecting with people is an important part of the fellowship process because people want to know that there is someone out there that can help them.  If you do this correctly and consistently, you will always be top of mind to the follower when the time comes that they need you.

#3: Offer Sanctuary

Once you have cultivated relationships with these people and they start getting used to seeing you, once they start getting comfortable with watching you help them and others, it is natural for the bond of trust to form.

This is where you want them to be.

Trust is an emotional state of mind that transcends into action. Trust shapes how we learn and how we react to different things.

Trust is a peculiar resource; it is built, rather than depleted, by use -Unknown

The need for trust comes out of our interdependence with others.  As the subject gets used to your help, your content, etc., this interdependence arrives and they are ready to become part of your tribe.

The tribe is where your fellowship resides.

It is where your most trusted followers and readers congregate and engage.  It is the HQ for your brand and business online.

To start, one must create the tribe.  This is the easy part.  Find a special place where you can offer up your services, or a place where you can allow people to ask questions or share something special.

Places like Facebook groups (closed) and Google+ communities (also closed) offer up a relevant option to be able to do this.  It is where you can keep these people close.

The fellowship needs to be guarded.  On both ends.  Don’t just allow anyone to come into the group.  Make sure you take the time to be sure that this person meets the criteria for your brand before allowing them to come in.

The Final Thought

When you create this group of fellowship, you have created a place where people know they are wanted and needed.  Before too long, the questions that are being asked in the group are also being answered by people in that group.  Pretty soon, the burden of working the group will fall off of your shoulders as you create Generals and other officers for your fellowship.

This is why it’s so important to build this for your brand on social media.  People need a place where they feel important or needed.  Don’t give this out begrudgingly either.  This is not something that you should mess around with.  If you’re not totally sold out to the process, then don’t bother doing it because doing something like this can either make you or break your brand.

The psychology behind all of this is based on the simple reason of usage. Find something for your trusted fellowship to do, really trust them with it, and they’ll complete the task for you. This is the first stages to building brand ambassadors and evangelists for your business online.

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