3 Questions About Your Social Media


Broadcast vs Visioncast

3 Questions About Your Social Media image iStock 000002014551 ExtraSmall 300x225What is your ultimate goal in business? If you are like most, you measure that through sales. People say “My business is up (or down) 20% this year” or “My goal is to expand in new markets”. I want to ask you to look through that lens with a slightly different perspective. What if you measured your success through relationships? ”How many people did I help this month?”, How much did I help other people make money this quarter?”, ” How many people did I connect and help them grow their businesses this year?”. If you look at the people you serve, the stories that they have, and how you can connect on a more personal level, then you may have an opportunity to not only make a difference with them, but also for your business!

Let’s Get Personal… Personal!

3 Questions About Your Social Media image Galena Womens Symposium Galena Womens Symposium 0014 300x200I am in the middle of a speaking flurry after writing a book. This week I have to to 6 presentations in 4 days (what I have been taught is that… politicians give speeches and speakers give presentations)! One of the questions that garners the most attention is… ”You seem to talk about your personal posts on Social Media, but I only want to post as my business… How can I do that?”. Now keep in mind, most of these people are local small businesses, but the answer is the same for an entrepreneur, solopreneur, or wantrepreneur, but it also applies to people who work for larger or Fortune 100 businesses!

Business does not do business with businesses… People do business with people!

3 Questions About Your Social Media image OriginalNipperEvery time I present and tell people that… most of them tilt their heads like the RCA dog. Chances are they have been to so many Social ME-dia, Content Marketing, and Tweeting your way to Billionaire, seminars, webinars, conferences that they are more confused than informed.

Here are the three most consistent questions I get… and my answers!

1) “You say post what your audience wants to see? How do you know what they want?” – That’s Easy… Ask Them!!! It’s funny that we all have marketing plans, measurables, and definitions. Then we often neglect to ask those people who we are communicating too, “What do you want?”. In the world of relationship marketing, value relationships and be a women (or a man) and just be you and ask. What’s the main reason people, or organizations don’t want to do surveys? They “DONT WANT TO HEAR THE ANSWERS!”.

2) How do find the time to manage all that social media (insert semi curse word here)? – That’s Hard… but let me ask you… Do you take the time to communicate with past customers, and not just the current ones? Even if you don’t have time to do all the social media (insert semi curse word here), are you getting out into the world and meeting them face to face through networking? If you don’t have time for that then maybe social media is a good alternative!

3) What are the best Social Networks for me? – What they are really asking is… “Where can I find more customers?”. The simple answer is “Where are your current customers?”. Did you ask them? Did you take the time to search them out? Some people guess that it’s best to have them find you… but what if you took the time to find them and spend time to thank those who have already spent money with you and trusted you with their business. Could they maybe refer you to other people because they are so happy with your products or service? Hmmmmm???

Give First and Expect Nothing…

Every time I give a presentations or teach a class I learn something through questions. My challenge to you is… You want to learn something? Give something! Give back to those that you think may be just sucking you dry for free information, or trying to steal your ideas… you will be amazed how much more you learn than them!

Have you ever had the opportunity to teach? What are your experiences? Did what was posted make sense or just rub you the wrong way? I look forward to your comments!

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